ATTACKED: Christians attacked following calls from mosque leaders to rid “Muslim area” [#SudanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 06/24  |  ARREST & IMPRISON CHRISTIANS: New Legislation – easier to arrest and imprison Christians [#IranPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 06/30  |  NO MASK NO SOCIAL DISTANCE: 1,000+ — most or all – no face masks / no social distancing attend church joint service [#NoMask #NoSocialDistance] 07/03  |  VIOLATION: Wedding photographer suing state new anti-discrimination law violates First Amendment rights [#ChrisHerring #FirstAmendment] 07/03  |  DEAD: Christian man who was shot by his Muslim neighbor for buying a house in a Muslim area has died [#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/03  |  IDOL REMOVED FROM CHURCH: Police remove idol of Hindu deity forcefully installed inside Christian church [#IndiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/03  |  SHOT DEAD: Christian man shot dead by Muslim neighbor for purchasing house in Muslim dominated area [#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/01  |  ACCUSED: Ex-youth pastor accused of child sex crimes worked at Christian School [#RobertShiflet #LibertyChristianSchool #DentonBibleChurch] 06/29  |  SEXUAL MISCONDUCT LAWSUIT: Christian organization aimed at young people now – sexual misconduct lawsuit [#YoungLife] 06/29  |  PASTOR KICKED, DRAGGED, PUSHED, TRAMPLED, TORN, KICKED, PUNCHED: “They kicked me like they would kick a football.” – Pastor Suresh Rao [#IndiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 06/26

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