Mustafa Rahimi, Book Seller from City of Bukan, Iran, Arrested for Selling the Bible and Sentenced to Jail [#MustafaRahimi #IranPersecution #ChristianPersecution]

A citizen from Bukan was arrested and imprisoned on charges of selling the Bible.

Mustafa Rahimi, the son of Ali, was sentenced to 6 months and 1 day of imprisonment by 101st Branch of the Bukan Public Revolutionary Court.

Mustafa Rahimi, who had previously been detained by the intelligence agency on June 11, 2019, was sentenced to a fine and imprisonment but was released on 200 million toman bail.

However, he was summoned to detention a few days later and is held in the Bukan Central Prison.

A bookseller from Iran was arrested on charges of selling ‘Bible’:
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Incarceration by Iranian regime of a woman who converted to Christianity prompted US Vice President Mike Pence to urge clerical regime in Tehran to free persecuted woman [#MikePence #Tehran #Iran]

The incarceration by Iranian regime of a woman who converted to Christianity prompted US Vice President Mike Pence to urge the clerical regime in Tehran to free the persecuted woman.

“I am appalled to hear reports that Iran’s despotic rulers have punished yet another Christian woman for exercising her freedom to worship.”

“Iran must free Mahrokh Kanbari today. Whether Sunni, Sufi, Baha’i, Jewish or Christian, America will stand up for people of faith in Iran like Mahrokh and Pastor [Victor] Bet-Tamraz, whose persecutions are an affront to religious freedom.”

– US Vice President Mike Pence tweeted to his 7.7 million followers.

US Vice President Pence demands Iran release Christian sentenced to prison
The Jerusalem Post

Iranian security has arrested six Iranian Christian converts in the northern city of Rasht during February 2019.

Converting to another religion is forbidden in Islam and in countries where religious law applies converts can be prosecuted.

Iran regularly arrests Christian converts, whose numbers have been rising in recent years, reaching tens of thousands or more according to some estimates.

A well-informed source named the detainees as: Khalil Pour-Dehghan, Hossein Kadivar, Abdolreza Ali Haghnezhad, Kamal Nemanian, Mohammad Vafadar and Mohammad Eslamdoost.

Rasht is the capital city of Gilan Province, Iran.

Rasht is the largest city on Iran’s Caspian Sea coast. It is a major trade center between Caucasia, Russia and Iran using the port of Bandar-e Anzali. Rasht is also a major tourist center with the resort of Masouleh in the adjacent mountains and the beaches of Caspian as some of the major attractions.

Iran Arrests Six Christian Converts:
Radio Farda


Nearly a dozen Iranians who had been denied asylum in the United States despite a special program for religious minorities have landed in Los Angeles after having their cases reconsidered.

According to Kate Meyer, an attorney with the International Refugee Assistance Project, the refugees, who sought entry under the decades-old Lautenberg-Specter program, arrived last week.

As per Meyer, their applications were initially declined by the Trump administration last February (February 2018)— an unprecedented move for a program with a near-100% acceptance rate.

In all, the cases of 87 Iranian applicants were denied.

After Trump administration reopens their cases, Christian refugees from Iran land in L.A.:
Los Angeles Times (LA Times)