Evangelist Michael Job, actor playing Jesus at Christian themed amusement park The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida, shuts down rumors he was the “second coming of Christ” [#MichaelJob #HolyLandExperience #SecondComingOfChrist]

Evangelist Michael Job, an actor who plays Jesus at the Christian themed amusement park The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida, shut down rumors he was the “second coming of Christ” during a recent visit to Kenya.

His acting fame increased the desire of Job to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. He is now an ordained minister who runs Jesus Loves You Evangelistic Ministries and travels the world sharing about Jesus.

While on his latest crusade in Kenya, media outlets and locals began using his photos while in costume claiming “Jesus visits Kenya.”

However, the posts of Job dressed as a mock Jesus for various plays he was performing went viral and people quickly started accusing the minister of being an “imposter” and a “false prophet.”

Some even claimed that Job died of pneumonia days after claiming to be Christ. Reports which are false.

Job decided to go on social media while still in Africa to clear all of the rumors and set the record straight.

According to Job, “hundreds of children are getting saved every day” while on the mission field.

Evangelist and Jesus actor slams ‘fake news’ in Kenya claiming he is the second coming of Christ
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Somali Muslims who beat and raped a Christian mother of four last month began sending threatening messages more than a year ago at a refugee camp in Kenya.

The 41-year-old Somali woman was a Muslim living in Somalia with her husband when he sent her and their four children to Ifo refugee camp of Kenya in Dadaab, near the Somali border, in February 2016.

She put her faith in Christ a year later, though it remained a secret until Somali Muslims saw her coming from church worship at Dadaab International Worship Centre in February 2018.

“We have known that you are a Christian, and one of us saw you come out of a church on Sunday. If you continue attending the church, then we shall come for your head soon.”
– A threat message from Somali Muslims

She stopped attending the church services and relocated nearby.

“But it looks like we had already being marked. Soon four of my children converted to Christ, and I cut all links with my husband in Somalia.”
– The woman

On January 2, 2019 four Muslims from Somalia forced their way into her home.

“I was beaten and then raped by four men who threatened me, telling me not to say anything about the ordeal that I went through. As they left the house at 1 AM one of them said, ‘We could have killed you for being a disgrace to Islam and joining Christianity, which is against our religion, but since you are a single mother, we have decided to spare your life with the condition that you should not mention our names.’”
– The woman

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The Supreme Court of Kenya reversed a lower-court ruling that had allowed female students to wear Muslim headscarves to school.

The ruling comes in the midst of a heightened push by Muslim leaders and civic groups for acceptance of head coverings in church-owned schools. Christian educators have been resisting the move, insisting that dress codes and uniforms not only provide discipline and equality but are also part of church and school traditions.

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