“It’s all God. I can’t do nothing but thank God.” – Christion Abercrombie [#ItsAllGod #DoNothingButThankGod #ThankGod]

Former Tennessee State University football player Christion Abercrombie visited campus this weekend for his first homecoming.

Last fall, the 21-year-old suffered a serious head injury during a TSU-Vanderbilt football game that nearly cost him his life.

After spending months in physical therapy, Christion Abercrombie is able to walk and talk which many call a miracle, including his mother.

“A 20-year-old at the time, career taken away from him. He’s played ball since the age of five, had dreams of going into the NFL and he worked hard at the age of 5 to 20 to get there and now he’s 21 and he’s came to the realistic part of it that ‘I’m not going to play football again’. So he wakes up with a smile, he laughs, he prays, he’s enjoying life so it’s just amazing.”
– Staci Abercrombie

According to Christion Abercrombie, he and his family continue to trust in God that he will make a full recovery. Christion Abercrombie is considered partially disabled, but they know things can change.

Christion Abercrombie dreams to play football in the NFL are over but he is not ruling out coaching one day. Walking around campus today Christion Abercrombie thanked TSU for its support and prayers of others during his recovery.

“It’s a blessing I remember when I was learning how to talk, walk, and eat again but now look at me now. It’s all God. I can’t do nothing but thank God. During that week when I was first in the hospital I asked my family to get closer to God.”
– Christion Abercrombie

Christion Abercrombie to be Presidential Grand Marshall in TSU Homecoming Parade:

U.S. District Court Judge Stephanie Rose questions University of Iowa for deregistering dozens of student organizations [#StephanieRose #UniversityOfIowa #StudentOrganizations]

[September 30, 2019]

A federal judge is questioning the decision of the University of Iowa to deregister dozens of student organizations following a lawsuit by a Christian student group that accused university officials of discrimination.

U.S. District Court Judge Stephanie Rose said in a ruling that the university cannot selectively deregister student organizations.

The group InterVarsity Christian Fellowship sued the university after administrators deregistered its local chapter along with a dozen other religious groups.

According to Stephanie Rose, she “does not know how a reasonable person could have concluded this was acceptable” given her previous ruling in a related case.

Another faith-based group, Business Leaders in Christ, sued the university for kicking it off campus following a complaint that it would not let an openly gay member seek a leadership post.

Judge questions Univ. of Iowa’s response to Christian student org.’s lawsuit:

Ethiopian Christians take to streets in mass protest against burning of churches and attacks on worshipers [#EthiopiaChristians #EthiopiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution]

[September 22, 2019]

Ethiopian Christians took to the streets Sunday, September 22, 2019 in a mass protest against the burning of churches and attacks on worshipers around the country.

Since July 2018, 30 churches have been attacked, while almost 100 worshipers have been killed.

Ethiopian Orthodox church leaders met with government officials earlier September 2019 to discuss how Christians could be better secured against an uptick in ethnic and political violence.

The protests this week followed a slate of protests that took place in several cities Sunday, September 15, 2019 in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Christians march to protest church burnings:
Washington Examiner

Ballarat Christian College in Victoria, Australia pressures teacher Rachel Colvin to resign for disagreeing with anti-marriage equality stance [#BallaratChristian #AntiMarriageEquality #Rachel Colvin]

[September 16, 2019]

A Victorian private school in Australia allegedly pressured a teacher to resign for personally disagreeing with the anti-marriage equality stance of the college, because of fears parents would pull their children out if they found out her true beliefs.

Rachel Colvin was an English teacher at Ballarat Christian College from 2008 until February 2019.

According to Rachel Colvin, Colvin, in August 2018, the school informed her she would no longer be offered certain teaching and professional development opportunities, despite her offer to keep silent about her personal support for same sex marriage.

She was required to attend counselling sessions with the head of teaching and school chaplain.

Christian teacher says school forced her to quit for supporting marriage equality:
The Guardian

Muslim Fulani herdsmen kidnap 6 teenage girls 2 staff members from Christian-run high school in north-central Nigeria [#FulaniHerdsmen #ChristianSchool #Nigeria]

[October 8, 2019]

A day before the Kaduna governor said kidnappers terrorizing the state are working with Boko Haram, Muslim Fulani herdsmen on Thursday (Oct. 3, 2019) kidnapped 6 teenage girls and 2 staff members from a Christian-run high school in north-central Nigeria.

Suspected to be herdsmen who have carried out numerous kidnappings and attacks in southern Kaduna state, the armed Fulani at 12:20 a.m. invaded Engravers’ College in Kakau Daji village, in Chikun County Local Government Area near Kaduna city, as students and staff members fled into the bushes.

The 8 victims were taken away at gunpoint.

Six Christian schoolgirls, others abducted by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria
Christian Post