CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Middle School Student Banned from Wearing ‘Only Two Genders’ Shirt Loses Federal Appeals Case, Considering Supreme Court Appeal [#OnlyTwoGenders #Only2Genders]

Source: Massachusetts Family Institute Website, mafamily.org

June 10, 2024
Sam Whiting

Dear Friend of the Family,

We received word yesterday that the First Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against Liam Morrison, the brave 7th-grade student who was sent home from school last year for daring to wear a shirt that stated “There Are Only Two Genders.”

This case is about much more than a t-shirt. The court’s decision is not only a threat to the free speech rights of public school students across the country, but a threat to basic biological truths. By holding that Liam could not “deny the self-conceptions of other students,” this decision paves the way for schools to silence all dissent against the radical agendas they are pushing on students like Liam. Although there was no evidence that Liam’s message caused a disruption at school, the court held that the possibility that some students might suffer psychological distress from his shirt was enough to justify censoring him.

While we are disappointed in this decision, we aren’t done fighting yet. Along with our partners at Alliance Defending Freedom, we are reviewing all legal options, including appealing to the United States Supreme Court. Please pray for continued strength for Liam and his family, as well as wisdom for our legal team.

For our Families,
Sam Whiting

The local middle schooler who was banned from wearing a “only two genders” shirt to school has lost his federal appeals case, and his attorneys are considering a Supreme Court appeal.

The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston has decided against Middleboro student Liam Morrison in a high-profile First Amendment lawsuit.

Last year, school administrators prohibited Liam, now in 8th grade, from wearing a shirt to school that read, “There are only two genders.”

The 7th grader then wore a shirt that read, “There are censored genders,” and was again forced to remove it.

A U.S. district judge previously ruled in favor of the Middleboro school administrators, and the appeals court affirmed that decision this weekend.

Boston Herald

STUDENT BANNED WEARING ‘ONLY TWO GENDERS’ SHIRT Loses Appeals Case, Considering Supreme Court Appeal | Christian Breaking News!

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