CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is Jade Sandberg? ‘Christian’ Activist Sparks Outrage by Staging a Quran-Burning Demonstration in Stockholm, Sweden [#JadeSandberg #ChristianActivist #QuranBurning]

Jade Sandberg, a 48-year-old Christian activist, sparked outrage by staging a Quran-burning demonstration in Stockholm, according to Turkish news source A Haber on social media.

On Apr. 26, Sandberg set fire to the Muslim holy book while brandishing a Christian cross and shouted “Islam out of Sweden!”.

Surprisingly, the protest seemed to have been approved by local officials, as police officers on the scene did not intervene.

Sandberg, who identifies herself as a “priest, exorcist, and demonologist” on social media, has previously organized similar demonstrations, making this week’s Quran-burning at least her second of the year.

The trend of Quran-burning protests in Sweden gained momentum in 2023, when Danish right-wing lawmaker Rasmus Paludan, who also has Swedish citizenship, burned the Islamic text in front of the Turkish embassy in January 2023.

While Swedish authorities have condemned these acts, they have mostly permitted them to take place in accordance with the country’s free expression regulations.

Individuals must acquire a police authorization to organize protests under the Public Order Act, however refusal is only authorized for safety reasons.

Despite the condemnation, Sandberg’s demonstration rekindled arguments in Sweden about the limitations of free speech and public protest.


Jade Sandberg, ‘Christian’ Activist Sparks Outrage | QURAN-BURNING DEMONSTRATION IN STOCKHOLM SWEDEN | Christian Breaking News!

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