New York-based Union Seminary criticised and mocked for holding chapel service in which students confessed to plants [#UnionSeminary #ChapelService #NewYork]

New York-based Union Seminary has garnered a great deal of criticism and mockery for holding a chapel service in which students confessed to plants.

The tweet was met with numerous comments on Twitter criticizing the practice, seeing it as evidence of pagan practice at the school and mocking the confession as ridiculous.

Popular Christian satire site The Babylon Bee was among the critics, running a piece titled “Disaster At Union Seminary As Giant, Angry Carnivorous Plant Does Not Accept Students’ Apologies.”

Union Seminary mocked for having students confess to plants:
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Christian student group, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Wayne State University can move forward with religious discrimination lawsuit in Port Huron, Michigan [#IntervarsityChristianFellowship #WayneStateUniversity #PortHuron]

A federal judge in Port Huron, Michigan ruled that a Christian student group at Wayne State University can move forward with its religious discrimination lawsuit against the school

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship sued Waye State University in 2018 after the school derecognized the group because of the organization’s policy mandating that its leaders must be Christian.

Wayne State argued that the group’s rule violates the university’s nondiscrimination policy. The school said it requires the same policy for Hindu and Jewish campus groups.

InterVarsity filed a 20-count complaint alleging that Wayne State violated its First Amendment rights to free speech and to freely exercise its religious beliefs.

Wayne State recertified InterVarsity 3 days after the group sued March 6, 2018.

Judge lets Christian group pursue suit against WSU:
The Detroit News

School principal, Saleema Bibi abducts Christian student, Faiza taking her to Islamic madrasa to forcibly convert her to Islam in Pakistan [#ForcedConversion #ChristianAbduction #PakistanPersecution]

A school principal in Pakistan is accused of abducting a Christian student and taking her to an Islamic madrasa to forcibly convert her to Islam.

The girl’s father, Mukhtar Masih, filed a complaint at a local police station in the Punjab province after his daughter, 15-year-old Faiza, did not come home from school.

According to Mukhtar Masih, the family contacted the school to ask where their daughter was. It was then that the class teacher told them that the Principal of the school, Saleema Bibi, had taken Faiza to a nearby Islamic madrasa to be converted to Islam.

School principal abducted 15-yo Christian girl in forced Islamic conversion, father says:
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Ballarat Christian College in Victoria, Australia pressures teacher Rachel Colvin to resign for disagreeing with anti-marriage equality stance [#BallaratChristian #AntiMarriageEquality #Rachel Colvin]

A Victorian private school in Australia allegedly pressured a teacher to resign for personally disagreeing with the anti-marriage equality stance of the college, because of fears parents would pull their children out if they found out her true beliefs.

Rachel Colvin was an English teacher at Ballarat Christian College from 2008 until February 2019.

According to Rachel Colvin, Colvin, in August 2018, the school informed her she would no longer be offered certain teaching and professional development opportunities, despite her offer to keep silent about her personal support for same sex marriage.

She was required to attend counselling sessions with the head of teaching and school chaplain.

Christian teacher says school forced her to quit for supporting marriage equality:
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Duke Student Government Senate declines to recognize Young Life as an official Duke student group [#DukeStudentGovernmentSenate #YoungLife #ChristianOrganization]

Duke Student Government Senate unanimously declined to recognize Young Life as an official Duke student group at its Wednesday, September 11, 2019 meeting.

Young Life is a national Christian organization that has branches serving middle and high school students in Durham and Chapel Hill in North Carolina.

The group had requested official recognition to recruit and support a greater number of students, as it already has a following on campus.

But Young Life was rebuffed over concerns about the national organization’s policies concerning LGBTQ+ leaders.

At last week’s DSG meeting, senators noted that the national organization’s rule barring LGBTQ+ individuals from leadership positions violates the Student Organization Finance Committee’s guideline that every Duke student group include a nondiscrimination statement in its constitution.

The Senate then tabled the vote to give Young Life members the chance to speak to senators at this week’s meeting.

According to Young Life’s sexual misconduct policy, “we do not in any way wish to exclude persons who engage in sexual misconduct or who practice a homosexual lifestyle from being recipients of ministry of God’s grace and mercy as expressed in Jesus Christ. We do, however, believe that such persons are not to serve as staff or volunteers in the mission and work of Young Life.”

DSG rejects Christian organization Young Life as chartered student group:
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