CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: [UPDATE] Hindutva Group Posters Issue ‘Final Warnings’ to Christian Institutions across Assam, India

Following a recent call by a Hindutva group, Sanmilita Sanatan Samaj, to avoid all religious symbols and costumes in Assam’s educational institutions, a number of top Christian institutions in the northeastern state have seen posters posted warning them not to use their schools as religious places.

The posters, printed in Assamese by the Sammilata Sanatan Samaj organization, said, “This is the final warning to stop using the school as a religious institution… Stop anti-Bharat and unconstitutional acts, or else…”

Minority institutions were urged to “remove” churches from their campuses, as well as all images of Jesus and Mary.

The posters had the following message: “Christian missionary educational institutions should stop ignoring the proposed New Education Policy (of the Narendra Modi government) and show respect to the Indian Parliament.”

On Feb. 18, officials of the well-known Carmel School in Jorhat, Assam alerted the local police after discovering such a poster on its perimeter wall.

The posters soon appeared in the Don Bosco Boys School Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam and St. Mary’s English High School, Guwahati, Assam as well as other Christian minority schools in Barpeta, Dibrugarh, and Sivasagar.

Posters were seen throughout Guwahati’s bustling Dighalipukhuri neighborhood, as well as Nehru Park.

According to news sources, the Guwahati-based organization launched a poster campaign after asking Christian missionary-run schools on Feb. 7 to remove all religious symbols and monuments from their premises within 15 days.

Kutumba Suraksha Parishad has issued a similar diktat.

There are around 400 such educational establishments run by Christian missionaries throughout the state.

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[UPDATE] Hindutva Group Posters Issue ‘FINAL WARNINGS’ TO CHRISTIAN INSTITUTIONS across Assam, India | Christian Breaking News!

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