CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is Mark Fitzpatrick? Idaho Bar Owner Behind ‘Heterosexual Awesomeness Month’ Speaks Out: ‘Boy, Oh Boy, Did It Take Off’ [#MarkFitzpatrick #OldStateSaloon #HeterosexualAwesomenessMonth]

Source: Fox News Website, foxnews.com

Mark Fitzpatrick, the owner of the Old State Saloon, spoke about his counter to Pride Month

Even Idaho bar owner Mark Fitzpatrick was surprised by the great response to his Heterosexual Awesomeness Month promotion in honor of Pride Month.

Fitzpatrick’s ba, the Old State Saloon, announced ahead of June that it would begin its first celebration of heterosexuality with discounts and free beer for heterosexual men, women, and couples throughout the month.

Fitzpatrick acknowledged receiving “crass” and “rude” remarks online and over the phone, but stated that the public reaction has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

Since the bar announced the event, Old State Saloon has sold Heterosexual Awesomeness merchandise and claimed its biggest Monday sales this week.

Fitzpatrick stated that the concept was “honestly pretty last minute” as a simple pushback to the national promotion of LGBTQ Pride Month.

Fitzpatrick also urged other businesses to celebrate “Heterosexual Awareness Month” after his success.

Fitzpatrick believes that many businesses are hesitant to speak out on the topic for fear of causing controversy and backlash.

He stated that he has reached a stage in his life when he is “done being quiet about things.”

“I want the truth. “I know there’s a lot of deception out there in the world. I want the truth to come out on a lot of things, and I just want glorify God in everything that I do.”

– Mark Fitzpatrick, the owner of the Old State Saloon


Mark Fitzpatrick, Bar Owner Behind ‘HETEROSEXUAL AWESOMENESS MONTH’: ‘BOY, OH BOY, DID IT TAKE OFF’ | Christian Breaking News!

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