CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: What Happened at St. Arnold Primary School, Bagdehi, Jharsuguda, Odisha, India? | Bunch of Robbers Loot the Catholic Church Facility

On April 10, a bunch of robbers looted the SVD Divine Word Mission in Odisha, India.

According to a statement from the religious order, 11 people stormed the teachers’ quarters at St. Arnold Primary School in the evening and threatened the staff and teachers.

The school is located in the village of Bagdehi, more than 15 miles northeast of Jharsuguda, the capital of the Divine Word congregation’s India East province.

After plundering their valuables and snatching their mobile phones, the thieves confined them in a room and told them not to call for help.

At gunpoint, they demanded that a lady worker accompany them to the confreres’ residence, threatening to kill her daughter if she did not accept.

Out of anxiety, the worker showed them the confreres’ rooms from the outside.

According to a message received by the provincial, the attackers fled the mission about 1 AM IST on Apr. 11, carrying cash and valuables.

According to the provincial, the perpetrators first entered the teachers’ quarters, which housed 8 female teachers.

They grabbed their gold chains, earrings, and phones at gunpoint.

They demanded at gunpoint that a lady worker take them to the adjoining priests’ residence.

They threatened to kill the woman’s little daughter, who was accompanying her.

The robbers first broke open the grill of the presbytery, which housed 4 priests.

When Father Christopher John, who was still awake, noticed the grill open, he walked outside to investigate.

The intruders, who were concealed, attacked him and damaged his mobile phone.

They also destroyed their mobile phones and one laptop, searched the apartments, and stole money worth less than 100,000 rupees ($1,200).

The battered priests were able to untie one of them, who called the police using a phone that had escaped the miscreants’ attention.

He also called a worker who lived near the mission.

The worker opened the priests’ room, which was subsequently opened by the priests for the teachers and workers.

The priests went to a medical center run by Handmaids of Mary nuns for first assistance.

The priests were then transported to Jharsuguda District Hospital in an ambulance by police.

After being told, some priests from the Provincial’s House raced to the hospital.

They returned the 4 injured clergy to the mission following their treatment.

The provincial house later informed the police of the crime.

The priests and instructors “are still under trauma,” according to the provincial.

SVD House, (St. Arnold’s) Bagdehi, Odisha, India
It is a new venture of the Society. It is in the district of Jharsuguda. The members who run St. Arnold’s Pre-Primary school stay in the SVD House who provide quality education to the tribal, dalit and other weaker sections of the society to bring them to the mainstream of the society. Few elderly members also stay in the SVD House, Bagdehi. One member takes care of the garden and farm in Bagdehi.

St. Arnold’s School, Bagdehi.
It’s a school established and managed by the Divine Word Educational Society (DWES). It was established in the year 2015.

DWES is a part of the mother society Society of the Divine Word. It is an international society under the patronage of the Catholic Church. St. Arnold’s School is therefore a minority educational institution as per the Article 30 of the Constitution of India. The medium of instruction here is English.

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What Happened at St. Arnold Primary School, Bagdehi, India? ROBBERS LOOT CATHOLIC CHURCH FACILITY | ROBBERS LOOT CATHOLIC CHURCH FACILITY… | Christian Breaking News!

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