CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: ‘Humiliated’ Hostage Families Claim the Government is Refusing to Meet with Them and Threaten More Protests if the Meeting does Not Happen by 8 PM Israel Time Tonight [#BringThemHome #BringThemHomeNow]

Families of the remaining hostages in Gaza are asking to meet with members of the war cabinet, threatening to escalate protests against the government if they do not.

They point out that they requested a meeting 2 days ago, after the truce fell apart and hostafe releases were suspended, and they find it absurd that they are being ignored.

“All we ask is that the cabinet meet with us today, we deserve it, and this ignoring us is humiliating,” Yael Adar, mother of captive Tamir Adar, said during a news conference.

“If they don’t meet with us by eight tonight we will need to ask what look into what to do to step up our protests,” she adds, adding that the families will congregate outside the entrance of Tel Aviv’s Kirya IDF-Defense Ministry complex and stay there.

The Times of Israel

Humiliated Hostage Families: Govt Refusing to Meet Threaten More Protests if Meeting Not Happen 8 PM | Christian Breaking News!

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