CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Church Pastor and His Wife Kidnapped and His 2 Children Killed as Attacks Increase in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Central Africa | Christians Have Called for Fervent Prayer

Islamic extremist organization Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) has kidnapped a church pastor and his wife during a worship session, and their 2 children were killed in the attack.

Please pray for the church family in Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as for the safe return of everyone who has been abducted.

Christians in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have called for ‘fervent prayer’ following an attack on a church that resulted in the abduction of the pastor and his wife, as well as the deaths of their children.

On Jan. 30, the main pastor of the Eglise Message du Temps Church, his wife, and an undisclosed number of Christians were kidnapped in Bayeti, Ituri Province, in the north-east of DRC.

5 people were killed in the incident, which occurred in the middle of a church session, including the pastor’s 2 children.

This recent tragedy is part of a rising pattern in DRC, where ADF is increasingly attacking Christian villages.

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PASTOR, HIS WIFE KIDNAPPED + HIS 2 CHILDREN KILLED as Attacks Increase in Congo | PLEASE PRAY NOW… | Christian Breaking News!

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