Most Popular Christian News – Last 24 Hours

Most Popular Christian News - Last 24 Hours

  1. BIG BREAKING CHRISTIAN NEWS – PASSES AWAY: World-renowned evangelist Dr. Morris Cerullo passes away… [#MorrisCerullo] 07/11 6 views
  2. Dr. John Solomon of Miracle Ministry – Chennai, India – Gone to be with the Lord [#JohnSolomon #JohnSolomonDeath #JohnSolomonDead #JohnSolomonChennai] 5 views
  3. WARNING: ‘Extremely Negative’ Christian Response To Hagia Sophia Mosque Ruling [#HagiaSophia] 3 views
  4. BREAKING CHRISTIAN NEWS – HOME CALL – LIVE STREAM: Mr. Patrick Joshua – FMPB – Former General Secretary – Man of Prayer – Stalwart of Missions [#PatrickJoshua #FMPB #RememberingPatrickAnnan] 3 views
  5. ILLEGAL – MOSQUE CONVESION TO MUSEUM: Hagia Sophia declared a mosque with first Muslim prayers to begin in 2 weeks [#HagiaSophia] 07/11 3 views
  6. ISRAEL THREATENING CHRISTIANS: Christian presence threatened in Jerusalem, the holy city [#GreekOrthodoxChurch #JaffaGate] 07/08 3 views
  7. CHRISTIAN WOMAN ARRESTED: Revolutionary Guard arrests a Christian woman [#IranPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/11 2 views
  8. BRUTALLY BEATEN: 11-year-old young Christian brutally beaten by Muslim businessman[#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/11 2 views
  9. CHURCH TO MOSQUE TO MUSEUM TO MOSQUE: Hagia Sophia a mosque – first Muslim prayers in 2 weeks [#HagiaSophia #TayyipErdogan] 07/12 2 views
  10. ATTACKED, THREATENED, FORCED TO FLEE: Christian families attacked, threatened and forced to flee their village [#IndiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/10 1 view
  11. GOVERMENT TO SEIZE CHURCHES AND OTHER RELIGIOUS SITES: Controversial new law aimed at churches [#MontenegroPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/10 1 view
  12. MEMORIAL SERVICE: Mike Pence to visit metro Atlanta – Christian Evangelist Ravi Zacharias [#MikePence #MemorialService #RaviZacharias] 05/28 1 view
  13. SCHOOL DISCRIMINATION: Private Christian school found to have discriminated against five-year-old [#AustralianChristianCollege] 07/11 1 view
  14. REPURPOSED: Christian Church to repurpose Community Center as Community Life Center [#FirstChristianChurch #EdgewoodCommunityCenter #CommunityLifeCenter] 07/11 1 view
  15. PAY FINE, THEN BURY: Christians cannot bury loved ones, without paying “fine” first [#IndiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/11 1 view
  16. DHS RULE SLAMMED: Christian organizations oppose rule announced this week [#InterVarsityChristianFellowship #InterVarsity] 07/10 1 view
  17. ACCUSED: Ex-youth pastor accused of child sex crimes worked at Christian School [#RobertShiflet #LibertyChristianSchool #DentonBibleChurch] 06/29 1 view
  18. CHRISTIAN GROUPS OPPOSE REMOVAL OF STUDENTS: Rescind policy requiring international students to leave the country or transfer [#ForeignStudents] 07/10 1 view
  19. CHRISTIANS BEATEN: Islamic radicals attack Christian residents [#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/09 1 view
  20. CATHEDRAL TO MOSQUE TO MUSEUM TO MOSQUE: Cathedral to mosque to museum back into mosque – declared open for Muslim worship [#HagiaSophia] 07/10 1 view
  21. FORCED TO FLEE: Christian families forced to flee village leaving homes and livestock behind amid fears for their lives [#IndiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/04 1 view
  22. ‘PROPHETIC CALL DEBUNKED’: ‘Prophetic Call’ For 40 Days National Fast and Prayer Debunked [#NationalChristianTaskForceOfLiberia #NationalChristianTaskForce] 1 view

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