Most Popular Christian News – Last 24 Hours

Most Popular Christian News - Last 24 Hours

  1. CLOSING: Nebraska Christian College to close by Hope International University of Fullerton, California [#NebraskaChristian] 04/06 2 views
  2. Robbie Aholoka, a singer, songwriter for Mosaic MSC: “‘This is worship? It could be this, too? It could be fun? You could actually dance to it. When I heard the music, the worship, Jesus just made sense to me.” 1 view
  3. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman meets delegation of American evangelical Christians in Red Sea city of Jeddah [#PrinceMohammedBinSalman #AmericanEvangelicals #EvangelicanChristians] 1 view
  4. Pastor – Lawan Andimi – headlines for praising God – executed by Boko Haram – Nigeria [#NigeriaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 01/21 1 view

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