WORLD CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE: CHRISTIAN Leaders Fellowship (CLF) – LIVE stream – annual World Christian Conference [#ChristianLeadersFellowship #WorldChristianConference] 06/25 – 06/27

WORLD CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE: CHRISTIAN Leaders Fellowship (CLF) – LIVE stream – annual World Christian Conference [#ChristianLeadersFellowship #WorldChristianConference] 06/25 – 06/27

CHRISTIAN Leaders Fellowship (CLF) is set to LIVE stream its fourth annual World Christian Conference from June 25-27, 2020, as it seeks to bring hope amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The conference, which brings together more than 350,000 Christian leaders from across continents annually, was initially scheduled to be hosted in New York in March 2020.

However, due to extensive travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, the event was moved online.

The registration cost was subsequently waived to allow participation from as many Christian churches and organizations, as are interested to participate.

“Having considered the devastating effects of the COVID- 19 pandemic, the CLF has vested its efforts towards extending the opportunity for fellowship across cultures and denominations as many lives continue to be negatively impacted. Through the conference, the CLF is creating a platform to establish an interpersonal connection, which it believes can strengthen resilience and mitigate the effects of extended periods of isolation which leads to loss of hope. With presentations from prominent Christian leaders such as Goodnews Mission Founder Pastor Ock Soo Park, pastors will come together to spread a single message of hope to the hearts of the people,”
– Release from organisers

According to Lead Pastor of the Journey Church, New York, Kerrick Thomas, he is personally thankful for the Christian Leaders Fellowship and the mindset of having Christians and churches from across denominations and the world working together.

“No matter what denomination or small theological differences, I think the one thing that holds us together is evangelism…We can link arms and go after that. I think it’s our primary mission for us to become a follower of Jesus. I am excited to be a part of that journey.”
– Kerrick Thomas

The conference will feature theological seminars, empowerment talks from prominent Christian figures, and praise from worship groups.

The conference will also include theological crash courses in Church history, the tabernacle in the Bible, and the different offerings of the book of Leviticus.

Keynote speakers will deliver lectures on healing, youth ministry, prison ministry, and how to live a life of faith.

There will also be guest performances by the award-winning Gracias Choir, famous singers like two-time Grammy award winner, Matt Redman, and many more.

Through these various programs, church leaders and pastors who wish to refresh their biblical knowledge that serve as the pillars of their faith and who also wish to receive advice from expert spiritual guides will have an opportunity to do so.

Christian leaders to spread message of hope in online conference:
Jamaica Observer

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