UNSCATHED FROM STONING: “Kill him! Samson, ask your God to save you now!” [#MyanmarPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/31


UNSCATHED FROM STONING: “Kill him! Samson, ask your God to save you now!” [#MyanmarPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/31

Samson became a Christian in 2017 after living a “good enough” life striving for salvation through works and meditation as a Buddhist.

Samsonrealized that Jesus died for his sins and he could never earn salvation by himself.

Eventually, Christ entered Samson’s heart and into the entire family.

The villagers disapproved of their decision and called for them to return to Buddhism.

Samson stood firm:

“We are not going to deny our faith. We’re not going to reject our faith. We’ll believe in Jesus until we die!”

A day later, 7 trucks dumped piles of stones in front of Samson’s house.

Samson thought these were meant for road repairs.

The next morning after, while their family was praying for God’s guidance as they met with the Buddhist monastery, they heard a commotion outside their door.

The village chief called out to them:

“Kill him! Samson, ask your God to save you now!”

The stones started hailing on the house, but the prayers only became more persistent.

The villagers poured gas over the family’s bikes, but the fire would not ignite.

They tried to burn the house next using the electricity from the cable cords, but the fire would not ignite.

“Lord Jesus, help us!” they cried, and the power died immediately.

Stones were still hailing into the house, breaking windows and doors.

Seeing that their plot was not successful, the mob turned to his youngest daughter’s house nearby and caused damage to her house, before returning to Samson’s house.

The police also came around the same time after someone called for help.

“Is there anyone who is still alive? Come now out of the house.”
– a Buddhist monk yelled

Samson and the rest of his family walked out alive, suffering only minor injuries.

“People were amazed.”
– Samson

Samson forgave his persecutors, not pressing charges, and was able to see one of his attackers come to know Jesus through the event.

In the Buddhist majority country, radical Buddhists often persecute Christians and pressure them to return to Buddhism, for many presume that being a Burmese, one has to also be a Buddhist.

Christian Family Emerges from Stoning Unscathed:
International Christian Concern

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