Teleios Research surveyed adolescents and millennials dating attitudes and beliefs on biblical purpose of marriage [#DatingAttitudes #BiblicalPurpose #PurposeOfMarriage]


Teleios Research surveyed adolescents and millennials dating attitudes and beliefs on biblical purpose of marriage [#DatingAttitudes #BiblicalPurpose #PurposeOfMarriage]

Teleios Research recently surveyed adolescents and millennials to evaluate dating attitudes and beliefs about the biblical purpose of marriage.

The survey received 1,818 responses.

Of these responses,

the majority of participants were 35 or younger (93%)
nonmarried (91%)
female (75%)
evangelical Christians (83%) from
the United States (51%) and
Europe (15%).

According to:
majority of participants (69%), the primary biblical purpose of marriage is to represent the relationship between Christ and the church while
42% noted it is for love between a man and a woman.
Other participants selected producing children (14%) and to continue the human race and/or
populate the world (14%).

majority of participants (74%) believed that marrying an unbeliever is not likely to fulfill God’s will in marriage.
35% stated that when one partner is not practicing their faith the relationship cannot demonstrate the union between Christ and the church.
30% stated that it was possible for a marriage to an unbeliever to fulfill God’s will and that the more mature Christian partner could influence the unbelieving partner.
Half of the participants (50%) stated they had never dated an unbeliever.
Half (51%) indicated they believe a Christian should never become romantically involved with an unbeliever.

According to
majority of respondents (66%) who had dated a non-Christian their romantic relationship had been somewhat to very negative.
25% indicated their own faith became worse in a romantic relationship with an unbeliever.
40% of participants claimed their partner’s faith did not improve during the relationship.
Only 5% stated that their companion became a Christian by faith in Christ.
Vast majority would not recommend Christians become romantically involved with an unbeliever (74%).

Christian Dating Habits Survey Summary:
Teleios Research

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