Chosen: WorldVision is doing something they have “never done before” to empower kids – Kids can now choose their sponsor [#WorldVision #NeverDoneBefore #EmpowerKids]

World Vision is doing something they have “never done before” to empower kids in extreme poverty across the world.

For the past 70 years, sponsors have picked the child they want to support, but the global Christian organization based in the United States is launching a new initiative so kids can now choose their sponsor in a program called “Chosen.”

“We were looking for something that could cut through the clutter of the business of life…and we’re hoping that this will help. Chosen puts the power to choose in a child’s hand, and while it’s simple, it’s a very powerful switch.”
– World Vision president Edgar Sandoval

Christian organization makes one change to child sponsorship ‘never done before’ to empower kids:
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New Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG), James Marape visions to make his country “the richest black Christian nation on earth” [#JamesMarape #PapuaNewGuinea #ChristianNation]

The new Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG) recently elaborated on his vision to make his country “the richest black Christian nation on earth” through a combination of fairer resource deals with transnational corporations and a renewed focus on the agricultural sector, but the success of his ambitious plans will largely rest on his ability to “balance” between the West and China, as well as making unprecedented progress on the socio-economic development of the mostly tribal hinterland.

The new Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG) only entered office a few months ago after a long-running political scandal led to the resignation of his predecessor but he is already making waves with his ambitious vision of turning this resource-rich but poverty-stricken island country into “the richest black Christian nation on earth”.

James Marape made his Trump-like nationalist proclamation in late July 2019 during his visit to Australia, which was his first foreign trip since assuming his position, where he also spoke about his plan of one day “participating with Australia looking after smaller island nations”.

James Marape aims to achieve this through a combination of fairer resource deals with transnational corporations and a renewed focus on the agricultural sector, but the success of his vision will largely rest on his ability to “balance” between the West and China, as well as making unprecedented progress on the socio-economic development of the mostly tribal hinterland.

Papua New Guinea New Leader James Marape’s Ambitious Vision:
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Jo Cromwell, host of local Christian TV talk show receives Music Love Awards Media Personality of the Year for 2019 [#MusicLove #ChristianTV #ThisIsTheDay]

Jo Cromwell, founder, CEO, and host of “This is the Day!” a local Christian TV talk show, received the Music Love Awards Media Personality of the Year for 2019.

4 years ago, Ms. Cromwell started broadcasting how God is expanding His Kingdom in Central Arkansas. She interviews leaders of area ministries who are raising a standard by providing unique, creative, and anointed ministries to reach, teach, and fill a void the churches are unable to reach.

I am grateful to Jonathan Beyer, his staff, and congregation of First Lutheran Church of Hot Springs for making this vision possible. I have only been doing this for four years, and I am an amateur in the area of TV. There were others nominated that have been in the business much longer and are professionals in the field. I was surprised but grateful to receive not only the nomination, but also to receive the award was an addition blessing! I want to thank the person that nominated me and all who voted for me to have this distinction. Above all I want to thank God who saw something in me that I never knew was even a possibility.

– Jo Cromwell

The Music Love Awards are sponsored by Anjelica Records in Little Rock, Arkansas a record label that manages the careers of Christian music artists. The Music Love Awards was created by founder and CEO Francez Riley to establish a scholarship fund for graduating seniors who wish to pursue a major in the Arts.

Local Christian TV show host wins media award:
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Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Transformed to Ozaukee Christian School in Trenton, Wisconsin [#SpearmintRhino #OzaukeeChristianSchool #TrentonWisconsin]

The site of a shuttered strip club in Wisconsin is being transformed into “a place of life and light and hope and joy” as it eventually becomes a Christian school, part of which will be opened later September 2019.

The former Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club, located in a strip mall in Trenton, Wisconsin roughly 40 miles north of Milwaukee, will soon open as the Ozaukee Christian School.

Officials purchased the strip mall in 2019 and plan to make what used to be a strip club into a place for education — in “a story only God could write.”

Ozaukee Christian School is thrilled to announce it is moving to a new building, taking over a former strip club in the Town of Trenton. We reached an agreement to purchase the property from California-based Spearmint Rhino and hope to occupy the building in time for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

The unusual building conversion is an answer to prayer that ends a years-long search for a building to call our own.

OCS — a non-denominational Christian school founded in 1990 — has leased several locations over the years. We’ve partnered with Portview Christian Church in Port Washington, Friedens Church in Port Washington, and most recently with St. John XXIII in Saukville for the last 19 years.

“We have felt God leading us to a building of our own that will allow us to grow, to expand our ability to work with special needs children and to reach more families in Washington County, all the while maintaining strong ties with our families in Ozaukee County,” said Kris Austin, OCS Administrator.
The property will allow us to do all this and more. We are purchasing a strip mall that includes the former Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club that we will renovate into classrooms, offices, a cafeteria and a multi-purpose room. This initial phase will allow us to serve 125 students, double our current enrollment. Future additions will include a gym with stage and locker rooms, and a new classroom wing, allowing growth up to 250 students.

“God has given the leadership of OCS a big vision for growth while providing us what we need for each step of this project,” said Dave Swartz, OCS Board President.
We are trusting God to provide the funds for this project, just as He cleared the way for us to buy this building. We have raised $425,000 so far and are seeking a total of $2.2 million to complete the purchase and initial renovation of the property.

How It Came to Be

After looking at over 80 different properties, several school leaders became independently aware the property in January 2017, and after visiting the site we felt it could be a great fit. We reached out to Spearmint but were initially told they weren’t interested in selling. In July 2017, however, the company reached out and offered to sell the building. We began meeting with architects and contractors to determine how this property could fit the school’s needs. After completing preliminary plans, we launched an initial fundraising drive in April 2018 to gain support for this project. In the meantime, we have done prayer walks at the property with staff, parents and alumni. Students regularly gathered to pray for the process along with a group of 140 “email prayer warriors” doing the same.

After months of phone conversations, emails and the abundant prayers of God’s people, we were blessed with a signed purchase offer. We have enjoyed getting to know Mr. Peter Garrell (attorney for Spearmint) and Ms. Joann Castillo (senior executive assistant) over these many months — and praying with them as well. It is a journey unlike anything we could have imagined. It is a story that only God could write.

Wisconsin Christian school to open at site of former strip club:
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Fast-food Witness of Chick-fil-A: Lessons on ‘Christian Business’ [#FastFood #ChickFilA #ChristianBusiness]

Over the past decade, Chick-fil-A has rapidly risen as a leading contender in the fast-food wars, with soaring sales, ever-increasing market share, and a strong reputation for hospitality and customer satisfaction.

In 2018 alone, revenue rose by 16.7% to $10.5 billion, making Chick-fil-A the third largest restaurant chain in the United States.

Given the well-known Christian bent of the company, such success has made it a primary exhibit among those in the faith-work movement—a sterling symbol of what a successful “Christian business” can or should look like in an age of “woke capitalism.”

But why?

What is it about the distinct culture of Chick-fil-A that sets it apart from other companies?

What is it about their specific vision of Christian business and vocation that we might apply to our own economic activities—whether as workers, creators, or consumers?

Most of the public admiration seems to be largely stuck at the surface:
1. relishing in the company’s countercultural support of “family values”
2. its restaurants are closed on Sundays and tend to play Christian music in their dining areas

Others point to its
1. philanthropic work, which focuses on battling child hunger
2. caring for foster families
3. empowering employees to attend college.

These are key features of Chick-fil-A’s character and public witness, but its bigger differentiator is found in something a bit more mundane: a simple focus on serving neighbors and doing it well.

Indeed, while many “Christian businesses” seek to justify their existences by adding Bible verses on boxes or touting extra “social responsibility” flair (“We send X% of our profits to Ministry Y”), Chick-fil-A finds its primary purpose in its primary offering—delicious chicken sandwiches served with top-notch, personable service.

In turn, they remind us that hospitality and creative service are core aspects Christian work and business, regardless of product or industry.

Whether with or without tailored “pro-Christian” marketing gimmicks, God is glorified in the simple selling of simple fast food for a simple, straightforward profit.

Chick-fil-A’s fast-food witness: Lessons on ‘Christian business’
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