CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is Pastor Alan Scott? Lead Pastor, Dwelling Place, Anaheim, California ( Former Lead Pastor of Vineyard Anaheim, Anaheim, California), Founding and Former Senior Pastor, Causeway Coast Vineyard, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, UK – Judge Dismisses $62 Million US Lawsuit Filed against Pastor Scott Upholding the Defendants’ “Demurrer” – Opposing Party has 10 Days to Appeal the Judgment [#FormerVineyardPastor #PastorAlanScott #AlanScott]

A California judge has rejected a $62 million fraud case filed against a former NI pastor and his wife.

Alan Scott and his wife, Kathryn, were facing legal action after becoming leads pastors at a Vineyard church in Anaheim, California before leaving the Vineyard Movement and renaming the congregation as Dwelling Place Anaheim.

The complaint, brought by 9 former members of the Vineyard movement’s mother church, accused the Scotts of planning the takeover of the church’s premises and assets, valued a total of $62 million.

A judge in Orange County Superior Court, California, moved to dismiss the case tentatively, upholding the defendants’ ‘demurrer’ (a plea in a lawsuit that challenges the plea of an opposing party, admitting its truth but claiming it is not sufficient grounds to justify legal action).

After a demurrer is upheld and a preliminary dismissal is granted, the opposing party has 10 days to appeal the judgment under California Rules of Court.

Belfast Telegraph

Who is Pastor Alan Scott? Judge Dismisses $62 Million Lawsuit Filed Upholding Defendants Demurrer… | Christian Breaking News!

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