CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: [UPDATE] Where is Dr. Michael Mosley? Missing TV Doctor who Popularized the 5:2 Diet | Mayor: ‘There are Many Troubling Questions Here’ [#MichaelMosley #DrMichaelMosley #MichaelMosleyMissing #DrMichaelMosleyMissing]

Dr Michael Mosley’s movements on the day he disappeared raise many worrisome questions, according to Symi’s mayor.

Dr. Mosley vanished on Wednesday afternoon after strolling from St Nicholas Beach (Agios Nikolaos) to the little tourist resort of Pedi.

Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas, the island’s longtime mayor:

“We know he came through Pedi and then walked onwards towards Agia Marina, it is about two miles and a harder walk than from St Nicholas, If he did try and walk that way to Symi then that is a big mistake.

There are also many troubling questions here. Why did he leave the beach and his wife and friends? Why did he not take his telephone? From the CCTV footage it’s also clear he didn’t stop for a drink in Pedi or take a rest.”

The search involves more than 100 police and coastguard officials, as well as volunteers such as Dr. Mosley’s wife and their 4 children.

Earlier today, Dr. Mosley’s wife, Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, pledged not to “lose hope” after “the longest and most unbearable days” for her family.

The Telegraph

Where is Dr. Michael Mosley? Missing TV Doctor | Mayor: ‘THERE ARE MANY TROUBLING QUESTIONS HERE’ | Christian Breaking News!

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