CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Deacon Carjacked Outside Church in Front of His 10-Year-Old Grandson! [#RobertIrons #NewJerusalemMBC #Clarksdale]

3 masked gunmen robbed and seized a church deacon’s vehicle.

To make matters worse, the incident occurred in front of the deacon’s 10-year-old grandson after revival on Tuesday night.

Robert Irons, a deacon at New Jerusalem MBC in Clarksdale, is undeniably a man of faith.

3 masked shooters put his faith to the test on Tuesday night.

Irons, who was accompanied by his 10-year-old grandson, had just closed up shop after the church’s fall revival.

Irons claims the three, armed with handguns and a “long gun,” “frisked” him, stole his cash, wallet, fishing license, and keys to his 2021 Toyota Tundra.

Irons claims that while he waited for his vehicle to start, his panic was replaced by faith.

The perpetrators drove away with the truck and even the 10-year-old’s cell phone, leaving the deacon and his grandson unscathed.

Despite the fact that the suspects were wearing masks, Irons could tell by their voices that they were young and that it was not too late for them to change.

Irons tells us that his driver’s license, veteran’s VA card, and other paperwork were discovered outside his church on Thursday.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to contact the Clarksdale Police Department at (662) 621-8151.

Deacon Carjacked Outside Church in Front of 10-Year-Old Grandson [#RobertIrons #NewJerusalemMBC] | Christian Breaking News!

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