CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: US Consulate in Sydney Vandalized in Suspected Politically Motivated Act | Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Condemns Attack

The United States Consulate office in North Sydney has been vandalized for the second time in as many months.

On Monday morning, NSW Police and the Australian Federal Police attended the North Sydney business.

The US Consulate emblem on the building’s windows was covered in a red spray-painted inverted triangle, which is commonly used by pro-Palestine protesters to symbolize resistance.

Sky News NSW political reporter Julia Bradley said that the consulate’s glass doors had been shattered at least 13 times with a hammer.

Police arrived at the scene in North Sydney just after 3 AM AEST.

According to police, CCTV footage of the vandalism showed a guy wearing a dark hooded sweater carrying what was described as a tiny sledgehammer.

The individual’s face was hidden during the incident

During a news conference in Canberra on Monday morning, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was asked if the graffiti was causing harm to Australia’s reputation.

The Prime Minister urged protestors to “turn the heat down” since the acts of vandalism “do nothing” to further their cause.

NSW Police are urging any witnesses to contact investigators.

In April, the consulate’s office in North Sydney was vandalized with the message “Freee (sic) Gaza” written in red spray paint.

The front of the building also appeared to be covered in buckets of pink paint.

It followed a recent spate of vandalism targeting government MPs, including Energy Minister Chris Bowen’s office in West Fairfield and Premier Chris Minns’ Kogarah office, which were both spraypainted with the term “murderer” in an apparent protest against the Gaza conflict.

Sky News Australia

US Consulate in Sydney VANDALIZED SUSPECTED POLITICALLY MOTIVATED ACT Australian PM Condemns Attack | Christian Breaking News!

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