CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: ‘Don’t You Quit’: US President Joe Biden Delivered a Defiant, Aggressive, and Energetic Speech to a Boisterous Crowd in Detroit, MI [#DontYouQuit]

Fresh after a high-stakes news conference the night before, US President Joe Biden brought his wounded campaign to Michigan on Friday, attempting to redirect focus away from his own party’s nomination battle and toward his opponent, former President Donald Trump’s agenda.

At a campaign rally inside a full gymnasium at Renaissance High School in Detroit, MI Biden delivered a defiant, aggressive, and energetic speech to a boisterous crowd chanting “Don’t you quit.”

Biden, as he has for the past 2 weeks, reaffirmed his commitment to the 2024 race on Friday, despite the fact that the number of congressional Democrats clamoring for him to resign had grown to 2 dozen.

Biden attacked “the press,” accusing them of criticizing him for mispronouncing names (“because I say Charlie instead of Bill”) while allowing Trump a “free pass.”

His words elicited boos from the audience directed at the media.

On Thursday, Biden incorrectly referred to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as “President Putin” and Vice President Kamala Harris as “Vice President Trump.”

“No more free passes. Today we’re going to shine a spotlight on Donald Trump. We’re going to do what the press so far hasn’t − but I think they’re going to soon. We’re going to say who he is, what he intends to do. Folks, Donald Trump is a convicted criminal.”

“Most importantly, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, Trump is a threat to this nation.”

– US President Joe Biden

Biden targeted Project 2025, a 920-page policy blueprint from the Trump-aligned Heritage Foundation that includes plans to abolish the FBI and Department of Education, ban abortion drugs, stifle climate change research, restrict transgender rights, and replace career federal civil servants with political appointees.

Trump has now moved to distance himself from Project 2025, despite the fact that it was developed with the assistance of former Trump administration officials.

“It was a project built for Trump. Folks, Project 2025 is the biggest attack on our system of government and personal freedoms that has never been proposed in the history of this country.”

– US President Joe Biden

Biden spoke more clearly at Thursday’s hour-long press conference than during his catastrophic June 27 debate with Trump, calming some Democrats but failing to halt the flow of Democrats in Congress asking for him to withdraw.

“We’ve never seen anything like this, and it’s not a joke. It’s time for us to stop treating politics like entertainment and reality TV. Another four years of Donald Trump is deadly serious. His proposals are deadly serious.”

“America needs to wake up and realize what Trump and his MAGA Republicans, what they’re trying to do. We’re going to engage them and we’re gonna stop them.”

– US President Joe Biden

On his route to the event, Biden made a previously publicized visit at Garage Grill and Fuel Bar in Northville, Michigan, just outside Detroit.

“We love Joe” posters hung in the restaurant windows as Biden talked without a teleprompter or notes.

“We gotta finish the job,” Biden urged them, concluding his 14-minute speech with a reassurance: “I promise you: I’m OK.”

Before taking the stage at the high school, Biden spoke to fans in the overflow area.

“It’s going to be all about Trump from here on out.”

– US President Joe Biden

USA Today

DON’T YOU QUIT: US President Biden Delivered Defiant Aggressive Energetic Speech to Boisterous Crowd | Christian Breaking News!

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