CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: ‘I Just Kept Praying the Whole Time’: Who is Jordan Nichols? Man Survives Tree Crashing through Home during Hurricane Beryl [#IJustKeptPraying #JustKeepPraying #KeepPraying #JordanNichols]
Source: ABC13 Houston Website,

A man in southeast Houston survived after a tree crashed into his home during Hurricane Beryl on Monday.

Jordan Nichols, wearing a neck brace, told ABC13 that he cannot believe he’s still alive.

He claimed he was asleep when the tree collapsed.

It occurred near Des Jardines Street and Hansford Avenue, east of the University of Houston.

Nichols claimed he fell asleep while monitoring Hurricane Beryl.

Around 9 AM CT, he said he awoke to a loud crash, followed by the ceiling crumbling on top of him.

Moments afterward, he heard his roommate scream for help.

Both were rescued by firefighters.

“I remember I just kept praying the whole time and trying to count to 30 as many times as possible and praying in between. I was like, I know God doesn’t do things by mistake. And I was like, there’s no way that I’m going to still be under this alive and nobody can come and help. So I don’t know. It’s just, it’s unreal. I’ve been shaking all day. Like it’s just, I guess the adrenaline, even with the medicine. I just, it doesn’t even feel real.”

– Jordan Nichols to ABC13

The video from the scene shows Nichols’ car still stuck under broken tree limbs in front of the house.

He told ABC13 that he is staying with his mother as he recovers.

ABC13 Houston

‘I JUST KEPT PRAYING THE WHOLE TIME’: Man Survives Tree Crashing through Home during Hurricane Beryl | Christian Breaking News!

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