CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: [UPDATE] Reverend Herbert Irving Miller (Rev. Herb Miller) Former Pastor, Woodbury United Methodist Church, Woodbury, Connecticut | Accused of Selling Crystal Meth out of His Church Rectory, among Other Crimes | Re-Arrest Ordered after No-Show [#WoodburyReverend #ConnecticutReverend #ConnecticutChurchPastor #ConnecticutPastor #WoodburyMethodistReverend #RevHerbertIrvingMiller #RevHerbMiller #ReverendHerbertIrvingMiller #ReverendHerbMiller #PastorHerbertIrvingMiller #PastorHerbMiller]

Former Woodbury pastor facing drug charges is ordered re-arrested after skipping court hearing.

A judge issued a re-arrest order for Herbert Miller, the former Woodbury pastor accused of possessing methamphetamine, after he failed to appear in state Superior Court in Waterbury on Friday to face the charges, according to court filings.

Miller, 63, of Church Street in Woodbury, had served as pastor of the Woodbury United Methodist Church since July, according to other church authorities.

Miller’s arrest record lists his address as the church rectory.

Miller was arrested on Feb. 16 and charged with operating an unregistered motor vehicle, illegal operation of a motor vehicle without minimal insurance, possession of a controlled substance, use of drug paraphernalia, and possession with intent to sell a narcotic, state police said.

He was released on a promise to appear and will be arraigned on the allegations in Waterbury Superior Court on Friday.

However, court officials determined he was a no-show and ordered his re-arrest with a $100,000 bail.

According to a document filed with the Waterbury State’s counsel’s Office on Friday at 8:39 AM ET, a legal firm requested that his arraignment be postponed until April 9 so that he may hire a counsel to represent him.

The plea for a continuance was denied, and it is unknown whether court authorities knew about the paper before ordering Miller’s re-arrest.

Miller had not been arrested or returned to court as of midday Monday, according to court authorities.

According to Connecticut State Police, people of the neighborhood notified the Woodbury resident troopers office of a “suspicious incident” on Feb. 7.

Then, about noon on Feb. 9, state police stopped Miller on South Main Street.

They said he was driving a car whose registration had been suspended for failing to maintain the minimum level of insurance.

Miller was found to be in possession of both rock and liquid methamphetamine, according to police.

State police said the liquid was in a hypodermic needle that had been prepped for injection.

In a statement made days following Miller’s arrest, church leaders from the New York Annual Conference, which governs Methodist congregations in the area, stated that Miller is no longer a pastor.

Miller, a former pastor of Shelton’s First United Methodist Church, was chosen pastor of Woodbury United Methodist Church in July, according to pastor Bill Florin, the Shelton church’s current leader.

Rev. Herb Miller Former Pastor, Accused of Selling Crystal Meth | RE-ARREST ORDERED AFTER NO-SHOW… | Christian Breaking News!

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