CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: What happened to Iglesia Leon de Juda Church in Bryan, TX? Church Looks to Move Forward after Fire: ‘We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight’ | GoFundMe Page Setup

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Iglesia Leon de Juda is a small congregation in Bryan, TX. Unfortunately on February 18, 2024 our church caught on fire and part of the church was ruined. The fire and water that was used into the church by the firefighters has caused some damages. We are grateful for any donations given.

Iglesia Leon de Juda es una pequeña congregacion en Bryan, TX. Lamentablemente el 18 de Febrero del 2024 un incendio afecto parte de la Iglesia. A causa del incendio y el agua que fue usada hubo daños. Le agradecemos qualquier donacion.

A week has gone since a fire destroyed the Iglesia Evangelica Leon De Juda in Bryan, TX denying the congregation a place to worship.

Pastors Jose and Santos Pimentel began the congregation 5 years ago.

The Bryan and College Station fire departments responded to a structure fire on Feb. 18 in the 1500 block of West William J. Bryan Parkway.

Last week’s fire briefly shuttered a West William J. Bryan Pkwy lane as firefighters dealt with the problem.

The Bryan Fire Department, assisted by their Aerial Response Team, arrived in under 5 minutes and effectively extinguished the flames at 7:57 PM CT.

Chris Lamb, the public information officer, verified that no one was inside and that no injuries had been recorded.

The fire marshal has launched an inquiry, attributing the incident to electrical issues.

Despite the initial shock, church officials said they are committed to overcome the setback.

“This gives me the strength to move forward. Like I already said, we move by faith not by vision/sight. Sometimes things seem difficult, but with God’s help, and the methods He’s given us, we will always continue moving forward.”

– Pastor Jose Pimentel

Although the church has insurance, it is unclear if it would cover the losses.

Members are really saddened to see their hard effort destroyed by fire.

Nonetheless, they are resolved to continue rescuing souls.

They’re excited to worship together again as a group.


What happened to Iglesia Leon de Juda? CHURCH LOOKS TO MOVE FORWARD AFTER FIRE | GOFUNDME PAGE SETUP | Christian Breaking News!

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