CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: [UPDATE] Bishop Feyi Daniels Founder and Bishop of iReign Christian Family, Lagos, Nigeria Popular Pastor JAILED FOR LIFE for Raping Assistant Pastor | Church Members say Pastor was FRAMED, Conviction will be OVERTURNED [#FeyiDaniels #BishopFeyiDaniels #PastorFeyiDaniels #LagosPastor #NigeriaPastor #iReignGlobal]

Some members of the iREIGN Christian Family in Lagos were shocked on Friday when Bishop Oluwafeyiropo (Feyi) Daniels, the organization’s founder and senior pastor, was sentenced to life in prison by an Ikeja Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Court for raping a church member.

Members of the church, which is located at 1 Gbolade Adebanjo Crescent, Opebi, Ikeja, told Saturday PUNCH that the pastor was being victimized and that his detention would not hinder God’s mission.

On Friday, Daniels was sentenced to life in prison for raping his 23-year-old assistant.

Justice Rahman Oshodi, who handed the 324-page decision, also sentenced the beleaguered bishop to 3 years in jail for sexually abusing another church member, aged 19.

He determined that the prosecution had shown beyond a reasonable doubt the elements of rape and sexual assault against Daniels, as charged in counts 1 and 3.

He also stated that the pastor should spend the remainder of his life at the Kirikiri Custodial Facility in Lagos.

According to him, the testimony of the first prosecution witness was supported by that of the third witness.

However, the judge dismissed and acquitted him of rape (count 2) of another survivor on the grounds that consent was present.

Justice Oshodi also dismissed and acquitted Daniels of attempted rape (count 4) of another member of his church, aged 19.

According to him, the criminal had no respect for the truth and committed the crimes using his domineering personality and position as a pastor.

Oshodi stated that the punishment should take place simultaneously, with the convict’s name being placed in the Lagos State Sex Offender Registry.

When the court asked the convict whether he had anything to say after his conviction, he remained silent.

In his allocutus (plea for mercy), the defense attorney asked the court to balance justice and mercy.

Adegbite informed the court that the court was a first-time offender with no prior convictions.

He also stated that the defendant was the breadwinner for his family and begged the judge to exercise his discretion in punishing him.

The state prosecution team, led by Babajide Boye, requested the court to convict the bishop as accused.

During the trial, the prosecution summoned 5 witnesses, and the defense called 5 witnesses, through whom different documents were presented as evidence.

Boye said that the convicted assaulted his assistant pastor at her house in Ikota Villa Estate around June 2020.

Daniels was charged with 4 revised counts of attempted rape, rape, and sexual assault.

Daniels filed a not guilty plea during his arraignment on Apr. 17, 2023, and again on May 9, 2023.

According to the prosecution, the charges violated Sections 260(2) and 263 of the Lagos State 2015 Criminal Law.

However, in response to Bishop Daniels’ conviction, several church members said he was unfairly persecuted because of his political affiliation.

However, numerous other Nigerians applauded the decision, claiming that it would serve as a deterrent to religious leaders who use their positions to oppress and sexually abuse their members.

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[UPDATE] Bishop Feyi Daniels JAILED FOR LIFE Raping Assistant Pastor Church Members Pastor FRAMED… | Christian Breaking News!

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