CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is ‘Apostol’ Abner Vazquez? El Gran Rey Jesus Church | Ministerio VAPI, Sunnyside, WA | Pastor Charged with Sexually Assaulting Woman [#AbnerVazquez #ApostolAbnerVazquez #ApostolAbnerV]

According to court documetns from the Superior Court of Washington for Yakima County, a Sunnyside pastor has been charged with 3rd-degree assault and 2 counts of indecent liberty.

Court documents allege that Abner Vazquez, 54, sexually abused a lady on many occasions.

On Apr. 9, the woman went to Sunnyside Police and reported the assaults.

Sunnyside Police arrested Vazquez on Apr. 10 in response to the reports.

On Apr. 12, a no-contact order was signed, specifying that Vazquez could not contact or be in the woman’s immediate vicinity.

According to court documents, Vazquez faces a potential penalty of life imprisonment and a combined fine of $110,000 for all crimes.

According to El Gran Rey Jesus’ Facebook page, Vazquez is currently out on $10,000 bail and continues to preach there as of May 19.


Who is ‘Apostol’ Abner Vazquez? El Gran Rey Jesus Church | CHARGED WITH SEXUALLY ASSAULTING WOMAN… | Christian Breaking News!

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