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BIG BREAKING NEWS – IS THIS LEGAL?: Those Who Did Not Follow the Bible Would Go to Hell When They Died, They Were Told [#CameronMays] 02/09

Between calculus and European history classes at a West Virginia public high school, 16-year-old Cameron Mays and his classmates were told by their teacher to go to an evangelical Christian revival assembly.

When students arrived at the event in the school’s auditorium, they were instructed to close their eyes and raise their arms in prayer according to Cameron Mays.

The teens were asked to give their lives over to Jesus to find purpose and salvation.

Those who did not follow the Bible would go to hell when they died, they were told.

The Huntington high school junior sent a text to his father.

“Is this legal?” Cameron Mays asked.

The answer, according to the US constitution, is no.

In fact, the separation of church and state is one of the country’s founding basic tenets, noted Huntington high school senior Max Nibert.

West Virginia students to stage walkout over Christian revival at high school:
Students instructed to raise their arms in prayer at event in public school’s auditorium:
The Guardian

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