CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is Rev. Chris Demetriou, Rosyth Baptist Church, Rosyth, Scotland, UK? | Pastor Blasted for Sermons ‘Telling Women to Submit to Their Man’ [#RevChrisDemetriou #PastorChrisDemetriou #RosythBaptist #RosythBaptistChurch]

Source: Rosyth Baptist Church YouTube Channel, @rosythbaptistchurch54

Rev. Chris Demetriou has been accused of sexism for literal Old Testament preachings that are “straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale”.

A Christian organization has been blasted for spreading anti-women ideas that are “straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale”.

The controversy erupted after it was found that the male pastor of Rosyth Baptist Church, Rosyth, Scotland, UK had been preaching material that mocked Humza Yousaf’s current efforts to abolish sexism in Scotland.

Rev. Chris Demetriou’s most recent sermon was titled “Submit and Love”.

Demetriou stated that a wife should “submit to her husband’s leadership” since it is “the Lord’s pattern for us.”

It saw him say that marriage with a wife at the head “will not reach its full potential”.

And a submissive woman will submit to him “out of obedience to Christ”.

The preachings, which draw literal principles from the Old Testament, have enraged the Secular Society, which has been pushing to prevent organizations with ‘extreme’ and potentially damaging religious beliefs from becoming charities.

The organization has filed a complaint with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), stating that the sermon is “misogynistic, discriminatory against women, and perpetuates sexist tropes”.

The OSCR has previously received complaints regarding supposedly anti-women ideas in churches, stating that the advancement of religion permits non-mainstream views to be propagated.

Such attitudes are diametrically opposed to the Scottish government’s stance on the treatment of women.

The Handmaid’s Tale was a book, later adapted into a blockbuster TV series, about a dystopian world in which women were treated as breeding machines and effectively held captive by males.

According to Demetriou, if a wife believes her husband is making a mistake, she “is to express why, because she is looking out for him” and ‘look to persuade him’.

However, while a husband “should listen to his wife,” it is “his responsibility to lead.”

Rev Demetriou’s speech concludes with him praying “that we will let our husbands lead”.

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Who is Rev Chris Demetriou Rosyth Baptist Church? PASTOR BLASTED ‘TELLING WOMEN SUBMIT TO THEIR MAN’ | Christian Breaking News!

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