CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is Elias “Solomon” Jothi? Former Pastor of Crystal Lawns Church of the Nazarene, Joliet, Illinois – Indian Pastor on Work Visa Arrested and Kicked Out of the United States for Filming Perverted Videos [#EliasSolomonJothi #IndianPastor]

Elias “Solomon” Jothi was fired as pastor of Joliet’s Crystal Lawns Church of the Nazarene when the congregation heard of his criminal conviction in connection.

His visa situation was inextricably linked to his job loss; once he lost his work, he lost his legal status to remain in the United States.

A Joliet woman was shopping at her neighborhood Target a few weeks ago.

She observed a weird guy, Elias “Solomon” Jothi, simply hanging around in the women’s section while she was browsing around.

He was not looking for anything in particular; he was just hanging about and acting strangely.

The victim became aware that the man was looking at her.

She also saw that the guy was filming and photographing her in improper ways.

He approached the woman and attempted to converse with her.

The pastor was following the lady throughout the store at one point.

During the inquiry, authorities determined that this was not unusual conduct for this clergyman in Illinois.

He was doing it a lot and frightening female customers.

Finally, a victim voiced her displeasure with the pervert.

When the suspect returned to the business, security informed him that he had been barred from entering.

They also instructed him that he needed to go to the police station to speak with the authorities about the incident.

When the preacher arrived at the police station, he was detained right away.

When his church learned what had occurred, he was dismissed.

He was in the nation on a work visa issued from India.

That was revoked, and the government booted him out of the country.


Who is Elias “Solomon” Jothi? Indian Pastor Work Visa Kicked Out of US for Filming Perverted Videos | Christian Breaking News!

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