CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Haiti President Jovenel Moïse Assassination: Several Individuals Including Widow, Ex-Prime Minister, Former Police Chief, Haitian-American Pastor Charged in Assassination [#JovenelMoise #PresidentMoise #MartineMoise #ClaudeJoseph #LeonCharles #ArielHenry #WaltherWesserVoltaire #WaltherVoltaire #ChristianEmmanuelSanon #ChristianSanon #JosephVincent #DimitriHerard #JohnJoelJoseph #JohnJoseph #WindelleCoq]

According to a report acquired on Monday, a judge in Haiti has accused President Jovenel Moïse’s wife, Martine Moïse, ex-prime minister Claude Joseph, and former National Police Chief Léon Charles, among others, in the July 2021 assassination investigation.

The indictments are anticipated to further destabilize Haiti as it deals with an increase in gang violence and recovers from a wave of violent protests calling for the resignation of current Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Dozens of suspects were charged in the 122-page report produced by Walther Wesser Voltaire, the fifth judge to oversee the probe after the previous ones resigned for a variety of reasons, including fear of being assassinated.

Charles, who was the police chief when Moïse was killed and now serves as Haiti’s permanent representative to the Organization of American States, is facing serious charges including murder, attempted murder, possession and illegal carrying of weapons, conspiracy against internal security, and criminal association.

Meanwhile, Joseph and Martine Moïse, who were injured in the attack, are charged with complicity and criminal association.

According to the judge’s findings, Lyonel Valbrun, former secretary general of the National Palace, admitted to receiving “strong pressure” from Martine Moïse to provide Joseph access to the president’s office in order to assemble a council of ministers.

Valbrun said that Martine Moïse spent approximately 5 hours removing items from the National Palace from 10 PM to 3 AM Haiti time, 2 days before her husband’s death.

The judge described the former first lady’s claims as “so tainted with contradictions that they leave something to be desired and discredit her.”

Several individuals, including Haitian-American pastor Christian Emmanuel Sanon, former informant Joseph Vincent, presidential security chief Dimitri Hérard, former Haitian senator John Joël Joseph, and fugitive Haitian judge Windelle Coq, are facing charges, including murder.

Sanon, Vincent, and Joseph were extradited to the United States, where 11 defendants face federal charges in the assassination of Haiti’s president. At least three of them have already received sentences.

Meanwhile, more than 40 people are detained in Haiti awaiting trial, but it is unclear how soon one will be held following Monday’s indictments.

20 of them are former Colombian soldiers.

According to U.S. prosecutors, a scheme was devised in Haiti and Florida to pay mercenaries to abduct or kill Moïse, who was 53 years old at the time of his death at his private residence outside Port-au-Prince.

According to witnesses, the attack started late July 6 and finished on July 7.

The court stated that some police officers at the property were unarmed and arrested, while others “had time to throw themselves down a ravine” for safety.

In addition, the police officer in charge of presidential protection was suspected of accepting $80,000 to bribe specific policemen “to remain inactive” during the killing, according to the report.

The judge stated that

“none of the police providing security to the head of state was in danger. Unfortunately, the head of state was assassinated with ease.”


Haiti President Jovenel Moïse Assassination: SEVERAL INDIVIDUALS, HAITIAN-AMERICAN PASTOR CHARGED… | Christian Breaking News!

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