Pastor Samson in Myanmar facing imprisonment after revealing religious persecution in meeting with Trump [#HkalamSamson #FacingImprisonment #ReligiousPersecution]

Pastor Hkalam Samson Samson in Myanmar facing prosecution / imprisonment after revealing religious persecution in meeting with President Donald Trump [#HkalamSamson #FacingImprisonment #ReligiousPersecution]

[September 5, 2019]

A Baptist minister from Myanmar had less than 60 seconds in the Oval Office to tell President Donald Trump about the mistreatment and abuse his people suffer.

Pastor Hkalam Samson, president of the Kachin Baptist Convention and a leading rights advocate for a predominantly Baptist ethnic group in northern Myanmar known as the Kachin, was part of a group of international religious leaders that recently met with President Donald Trump to express concerns about religious freedom in their home countries.

The Baptist minister told the president that ethnic groups in his homeland were being “oppressed and tortured by the Myanmar military government” and thanked him for imposing sanctions on 4 top generals.

Now, as if to prove Pastor Hkalam Samson right, a colonel in the Myanmar Army has gone to court seeking to have the minister prosecuted for his comments about the military during that conversation with President Donald Trump.

Pastor Hkalam Samson who returned home to the northern Myanmar city of Myitkyina after his White House visit, said he was waiting to see whether a court would accept the complaint of the colonel.

The nature of the complaint was unclear, but in similar cases, the military has taken advantage of the sweeping criminal defamation laws of Myanmar.

A judge is expected to rule whether the case can proceed.

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