Pass Christian school supply giveaway a huge success in Mississippi [#PassChristianSchool #Giveaway #Mississippi]

Pass Christian school supply giveaway a huge success in Mississippi [#PassChristianSchool #Giveaway #Mississippi]

One Pass Christian school supply giveaway was a huge success after 100s wiped the inventory in less than 30 minutes.

“We let them in at 1:55, and by 2:15 all the backpacks were gone, most of the supplies were gone”
– Event organizer Prescott Williams

Williams and his family spent the last 2 weeks preparing more than 120 backpacks for the event and collecting the supplies to go in them. According to Williams, he and his family have only been collecting school supplies for 2 weeks, but the donations have poured in.

They planned to fill each backpack with supplies specific to their educational level. The event was targeted toward helping students entering kindergarten to 8th grade.

“We probably had about 200 people lined up outside the park. A long line a bunch of smiling kids. Then we cranked up Old Town Road and started rolling them in.”
– Prescott Williams

It was not long before tables on the Fleitus Avenue basketball court were nearly empty. The event was billed to run from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., so volunteers made sure to give every pen, pencil and notebook away.

“We know we still have got a little bit left over but for the most part, everyone got everything they needed.”
– Volunteer Gary Maurice.

When he learned about the idea for the drive, he was ready to help out however he could.

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