According to Open Doors, Fifty million Chinese Christians have experienced persecution in China following the enforcement of new religious affairs regulations in March 2018.

The charity for persecuted Christians, Open Doors, ranks China at 27 out of the top 50 countries where it is hardest to be a Christian, a jump of 16 places.

The Chinese government is cracking down on Christians and other religious minorities, aiming for the ‘sinicisation’ of religion – making it fit smoothly with the Communist line and increasing loyalty to President Xi Jinping’s ideology.

There are plans to ‘contextualize’ the Bible to fit with Chinese culture.

Some churches have been told to fly the Chinese flag higher than the cross and to sing the national anthem before services.

50 million Chinese Christians persecuted, says Open Doors:
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A Canadian human rights law firm, The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms ( has sent a legal demand letter to Simcoe Muskoka Child, Youth and Family Services (“Child Services”), a government adoption agency accusing of discrimination calling upon it to reverse its decision to dismiss the application of a loving couple seeking to become foster parents.

In November 2017, the couple “L” and “A,” who wish to remain anonymous, applied to become foster parents. They started the required training in January 2018 and completed it in March. After they completed the training, a Child Services social worker interviewed the couple.

The couple heard nothing from Child Services for the next six months. Then, on October 24, 2018 they received a letter from Child Services communicating its decision to dismiss their application to foster.

“We feel that the policies of our agency do not appear to fit with your values and beliefs and therefore, we will be unable to move forward with an approval for your family as a resources home.”
– The letter from Child Services

Ontario Child Services denies couple seeking to foster solely due to Christian beliefs:
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Christians told can’t foster kids after asked if they believe ‘more outdated parts of the Bible’:
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Christian Couple in Canada Told They Can’t Foster Children if They ‘Still’ Believe ‘Outdated Parts of the Bible’ and Consider Homosexuality a Sin:
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Anti-Christian Discrimination: Couple Barred from Foster Parenting Because They Won’t Deny the Bible:
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A religious organization under the aegis of Coalition of Christian Groups For Good Governance (COCGOG), on Saturday, February 1, 2019 called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to commence an investigation into the crash of the helicopter carrying Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo in Kabba town in Kogi State in mid west Nigeria.

The coalition also sought for prayers on behalf of the vice president. It said the vice president had escaped plane crash twice within seven months.

The president of COCGOG and chairman, Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians, Reverend Daniel Kadzai, made these demands in a statement issued in Abuja.

Helicopter crash: Christian group seeks probe, prayers for Osinbajo:

Yemen has been facing what many have called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The Middle East country, located at the end of the Arabian Peninsula, has a population of over 28 million and 22 million of them need humanitarian assistance (16 million do not have enough food).

Much of the famine is a result of the civil war that began years ago.

Many of the Christians (Roman Catholics and Anglicans) are refugees or temporary foreign residents.

“They face persecution from the authorities (including detention and interrogation), their families and radical Islamic groups who threaten converts with death if they do not re-convert.”
– Open Doors USA, a persecution watchdog group

What you should know about Yemen and its tiny Christian population:
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The father of a U.S. missionary killed by a tribe on a remote island has blamed extreme evangelical Christianity for his son’s death while on a mission to evangelize an isolated and hostile tribe in the Andaman islands.

Patrick Chau did not hold back about his true thoughts on his son’s death when recently asked for comment.

John Allen Chau, 27, from Washington state, USA was shot with bows and arrows by tribal people in November 2018 after arriving at North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal, which outsiders are banned from visiting.

John Middleton Ramsey, a friend of Chau’s and a fellow Christian, defended his actions.

“If you believe in heaven and hell then what he did was the most loving thing anyone could do.”
– John Middleton Ramsey

All Nations, the evangelical organization that trained Chau, described him as a martyr.

The “privilege of sharing the gospel has often involved great cost. We pray that John’s sacrificial efforts will bear eternal fruit in due season.”
– Dr Mary Ho, leader of All Nations


The life and death of John Chau, the man who tried to convert his killers:
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John Chau’s dad blames ‘extreme Christianity’ for US missionary’s death on remote island:
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