Most Popular Christian News – All Time

Most Popular Christian News - All Time

  1. Dr. John Solomon of Miracle Ministry – Chennai, India – Gone to be with the Lord [#JohnSolomon #JohnSolomonDeath #JohnSolomonDead #JohnSolomonChennai] 822 views
  2. At least 32 people were killed in a Muslim Fulani herder attack on a Christian area of north-central Nigeria – villages in and around Maro, in Kajuru County of Kaduna state, Nigeria [#MuslimFulani #Christian #Nigeria] 331 views
  3. Did a former St. Catherine University Muslim student, Tnuza Jamal Hassan set fire to a Christian school to ‘protest’ Trump? 195 views
  4. “I thank God we didn’t get hit.” – Alexis Green [#IThankGod #ThankGod] 186 views
  5. “I give God all the glory, and I thank Him for giving me the opportunity to be in the greatest Navy in the world.” – Chiriga Wilson [#ThankGod #IThankGod] 164 views
  6. Phil Heller announced as new lead pastor of Crossroads Christian Church, one of Tri-State’s largest congregations with campuses in Newburgh and on Evansville’s West Side in Indiana [#PhilHeller #Crossroads #Indiana] 162 views
  7. Pass Christian school supply giveaway a huge success in Mississippi [#PassChristianSchool #Giveaway #Mississippi] 143 views
  8. Voice of the Martyrs’ (VOM) Advance Conference hosted by Connection Point Church in Raytown, Missouri 113 views
  9. Chris Orr removed as principal of Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, California with little explanation [#BringOrrBack #BringBackOrr #WeWantAnswers] 110 views
  10. Billy Graham Rule: Manuel Torres fired after declining to train a new female hire alone — a violation of his Christian beliefs [#BillyGrahamRule #ManuelTorres #ChristianNewsAndViews] 105 views
  11. Cincinnati Christian University gives the state of Ohio notice – lay off entire staff as it prepares to close its doors [#CincinnatiChristian #StateOfOhio #LayOff] 104 views
  12. American missionary Wayne Goddard killed by several gunshots in indigenous colony Mboijagua, 20 KM from Paraguayan Villa Ygatimi district in Paraguay 68 views
  13. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders: “God wanted Donald Trump to become President” 59 views
  14. Rev. Han Chung-Ryeol, Chinese pastor of Korean descent shared his faith with 1,000+ North Koreans in Hermit Kingdom before his assassination [#ChinesePastor #NorthKorea #HermitKingdom] 58 views
  15. Popular worship singer Kalley Heiligenthal + husband asking for prayers to implore Jesus to bring daughter back to life [#WakeUpOlive #AskingForPrayers #KalleyHeili] 12/18/2019 58 views
  16. Christian film, The Road to Edmond that criticizes purity culture may get “R” rating 56 views
  17. Vandals burn an Indian Pentecostal Church to ashes in shock attack in Telangana state of India 55 views
  18. Dr. James MacDonald terminated from his role of Senior Pastor and Elder at Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, effective February 12, 2019 by Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel 54 views
  19. Jakarta, Indonesia Christian mayor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama’s release stirs blasphemy concerns 53 views
  20. Bibles torn to pieces in attack on Calvary Gospel Ministry Church, Shantipur, Chhattisgarh, India 53 views
  21. Christian-owned bakery, Ashers Baking Company will not pursue £250,000 costs against the Equality Commission in Northern Ireland after Supreme Court victory 52 views
  22. Daughters of Pakistan Christian Asia Bibi in Canada 51 views
  23. Christian leaders of Council of Patriarchs and Heads of Churches of Jerusalem to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas: “Maintain status quo and not engage the churches in political quarrels” 50 views
  24. Two Christian converts killed in India by Maoist guerrillas / Naxalites: 1. Munglu Ram Nureti in Kohkameta, Chhattisgarh, India 2. Anant Ram Gond, alias Tullu in Umerkote / Amarkot, neighboring Odisha, India 50 views
  25. Christian teenage girl, Sadaf Masih of Cholistan, Wichra Bangla, Bahawalpur, Pakistan abducted by Maqbool Hussain, Mubashir Hussain Baloch, and Azhir Hussain Baloch and forcefully converted to Islam 49 views
  26. #ExposeChristianSchools stirs debate over role of Christian schools in US 48 views
  27. Local Muslims attacked 10 church buildings in Halaba Kulito town in southern Ethiopia 48 views
  28. Supreme Court of Pakistan upholds acquittal of Christian woman Asia Bibi in blasphemy case 46 views
  29. What happens in next few weeks in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon crucial for Mideast Christians [#ChristianPersecution #MiddleEastPersecution] 45 views
  30. University of Colorado-Colorado Springs hit with lawsuit for refusing to recognize Christian apologetics campus organization, Ratio Christi 44 views
  31. Ethnic Somali Christian police officer of Ethiopia forced to relocate after talking about his Christian faith 44 views
  32. North Korean defectors witness about Christianity in North Korea 43 views
  33. Progressive VA school, Sheridan School refuses to play athletic games against Karen Pence’s Immanuel Christian School 42 views
  34. Studying Bible in public schools? 41 views
  35. Global Christian School Leadership Summit: Wednesday January 30, 2019, Thursday January 31, 2019, Friday February 01, 2019 41 views
  36. U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa: University of Iowa cannot reject the status of the Christian student group, Business Leaders in Christ as a registered student organization 41 views
  37. Young adults keep Christian label, but fewer devout 40 views
  38. Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Transformed to Ozaukee Christian School in Trenton, Wisconsin [#SpearmintRhino #OzaukeeChristianSchool #TrentonWisconsin] 40 views
  39. Pakistani Islamists to rally against freed Christian woman, Asia Bibi in a controversial blasphemy case 38 views
  40. Christian educators: Christian schools essential despite criticism wave 38 views
  41. Christian Pakistani student, Haroon Ifan, a student at Government Mohammadi School in Karachi, stabbed in the stomach, causing damage to his kidney by angry Muslim classmates 38 views
  42. Change in leadership at Southeast Christian Church, Middletown, Kentucky – Teaching Pastor Kyle Idleman officially taken over as new Senior Pastor from Senior Pastor Dave Stone 38 views
  43. Christian university and college leaders: “Christian schools increasing under attack” 37 views
  44. Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) school board questions Imani Christian Academy leaders in quest to become Imani Academy Charter School 37 views
  45. $50,000 donated to a local pro-life pregnancy center, Women’s Enrichment Center in Lancaster by South Carolina megachurch Pastor Derwin Gray, founder and leader of Transformation Church in Indian Land, South Carolina, and a former NFL player 37 views
  46. The World Council of Churches scraps Hebron observer program due to ‘security concerns’ 36 views
  47. Free Christian music festival, Seasons in the Sun at Water Works Park, Tampa to celebrate the life of Brooke Brown 35 views
  48. Black History Month: 8 influential African-American Christian leaders 35 views
  49. Ontario Youth and Family Services (“Child Services”) denies couple seeking to foster due to Christian beliefs 35 views
  50. Robbie Aholoka, a singer, songwriter for Mosaic MSC: “‘This is worship? It could be this, too? It could be fun? You could actually dance to it. When I heard the music, the worship, Jesus just made sense to me.” 35 views
  51. Dispute over estate passed down through generations in one Tennessee family pitting two Nashville Christian institutions, Nashville Christian School and Harpeth Presbyterian Church in bitter legal battle against three young children, siblings Eleanor, Phoebe and William Lowry 35 views
  52. Farmor’s School, in Fairford, Gloucestershire has sacked Christian member of staff, Kristie Higgs, pastoral assistant Farmor’s School, in Fairford, Gloucestershire after she posted online protests against transgender teaching at her sons’s Church of England primary 35 views
  53. Know about Yemen and its tiny Christian population 34 views
  54. Almost half of practicing Christian millennials say evangelism is wrong: Barna Group survey 34 views
  55. Aman Ullah, Friend: Pakistan Christian Woman, Aasia Bibi freed by Pakistan Supreme Court transferred south from Islamabad to southern Karachi 34 views
  56. Shirley Mullen, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities vice char admits there is risk associated with its LGBT compromise 33 views
  57. Fifty million Chinese Christians persecuted – Open Doors 33 views
  58. Christian Evangelical man beheaded in Raigarh Tehsil village in Nabarangapur district of Orissa, India because of his faith 33 views
  59. Supreme Court of Kenya overturns a lower-court ruling allowing Muslim students to wear hijabs in Christian schools 32 views
  60. Alabama agrees to waive the presence of a Christian chaplain in Muslim inmate, Domineque Ray’s execution 32 views
  61. Pakistani Christian woman, Asia Bibi freed on blasphemy charges but still invisible 32 views
  62. #ExposeChristianHomeschooling Users have been sharing their stories of abuse, indoctrination, and educational neglect while also advocating for home-school reform 32 views
  63. Hate and violence against Christians in India increased 57 percent the first 2 months of 2019 compared with the same period in 2018 32 views
  64. Christian workers face persecution in new places 31 views
  65. Polar Vortex 2019: Four Christian ministries caring for ‘the least of these’ 31 views
  66. Federal lawsuit claims officials prevented Christian students from distributing Bibles on high school property 31 views
  67. Nine Christian ministries on Grounds host Hoos Got Questions event 31 views
  68. Monticello Christian Church, Monticello, Indiana adds new Saturday service and new associate pastor, Cody Farris 31 views
  69. Independent Christian persecution inquiry launched by the UK 30 views
  70. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “Faith has always been the strength of our country, because people have faith they believe in God, in themselves, in the goodness of others.” 30 views
  71. Mitchell Automotive donates thousands of pounds of non-perishable food items to Enterprise Christian Mission 30 views
  72. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), major philanthropist, stalwart promoter who united Christians and Jews passes away suddenly at 67 30 views
  73. 6 Christians including 3 women and a 9-year-old-child dead in an attack in Christian village of Kalau near city of Beni in North Kivu province of Democratic Republic of Congo 30 views
  74. Mustafa Rahimi, Book Seller from City of Bukan, Iran, Arrested for Selling the Bible and Sentenced to Jail [#MustafaRahimi #IranPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 30 views
  75. Muslim inmate, Dominique Ray asks Alabama court to halt his execution over Christian prison chaplain law 29 views
  76. Helicopter crash: Christian group under the aegis of Coalition of Christian Groups For Good Governance (COCGOG) seeks probe, prayers for Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo 29 views
  77. 98 Christian tribals of Tripura, India forced by the Hindu group Jagaran Mancha, a member of the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) the Hindu group Jagaran Mancha, a member of the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) to reconvert to Hinduism 29 views
  78. Street preacher in England arrested for sharing the gospel 29 views
  79. International Christian Concern – Iran may target Christians living in Iraq as revenge for U.S. attacks [#IranPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 01/03/2020 29 views
  80. Christian voters in Chicago to impact mayoral election 28 views
  81. President Donald Trump takes big stand for evangelicals at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC 28 views
  82. 41-year old Christian mother from Somalia beaten and raped by Somali Muslims in Kenya 28 views
  83. Christian refugees from Iran land in Los Angeles after Trump administration reopens their cases 28 views
  84. 60,000 Christians from across the United States gathered in Orlando, Florida for “new Jesus movement”, “The Send” organized by Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Christ for All Nations, and Lou Engle of Lou Engle Ministries 28 views
  85. Christian non-profit, The Pregnancy Center in Virginia vandalized amid late-term abortion debate 27 views
  86. Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) alleges now-former state prisoner, Timothy Krueger was denied early release due to faith 27 views
  87. Father of U.S. Missionary, John Allen Chau killed by remote tribe at North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal blames extreme Christianity for his son’s death 27 views
  88. Preston senior Haley Livengood puts Christian values first in Mount Vernon decision 27 views
  89. Iraqi Christians of the northern Iraqi town of Bartella fear returning home, afraid of of intimidation and harassment by Shabak, who dominate the Shite militia 27 views
  90. Boone’s Camp Event Hall Owner Apologizes for Biblical ‘Ignorance’: ‘It’s Not There!’ [#BoonesCamp #Booneville #ItsNotThere] 27 views
  91. Life under ISIS led these Muslims to Christ 26 views
  92. District Judge Stephanie Rose to decide whether the lawsuit of a Christian student group, Business Leaders in Christ against University of Iowa will go to trial 26 views
  93. Hartford Manor Primary School in Cheshire county in north west England cancels Charles Darwin musical performance after concern from some Christian parents 26 views
  94. A Fourth Circuit court in Richmond, Virginia upholds World Religion Curriculum of Charles County Public School, Maryland 26 views
  95. University of Findlay, Ohio hosts its second annual Open Dialogue, exploring Christian and atheistic views about the origins of the world and the existence of God 26 views
  96. Jewish couple, Mark Gerson and his wife Rabbi Erica Gerson will be giving $5 million over the next 10 years to fund Christian mission teaching hospitals across Africa 26 views
  97. #PrayForRHE: Prayer chain for Rachel Held Evans, popular progressive Christian writer and speaker 26 views
  98. Joshua Harris, author of best-selling book I Kissed Dating Goodbye “falling away” from the faith and no longer identifies as a Christian [#JoshuaHarris #IKissedDatingGoodbye #FallingAway] 26 views
  99. Turkish-based footwear company FLO shoes designed to crush the symbol of Christianity, the cross [#FLOShoes #SymbolOfChristianity #TheCross] 12/31/2019 26 views
  100. Marie Jean Pierre, a devout Christian in Florida who refused to work on Sundays was fired from her job as a hotel diswasher for The Conrad Hotel but ended up being awarded $21 million 25 views

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