LAWSUIT RESPONSE: Christian Academy Board President responds to governor’s lawsuit [#ParkviewChristianAcademy] 07/17

LAWSUIT RESPONSE: Christian Academy Board President responds to governor’s lawsuit [#ParkviewChristianAcademy] 07/17

Parkview Christian Academy Board of Education President Jed Davis says he is saddened to hear about a lawsuit filed against the school by Governor J.B. Pritzker, the Department of Public Health, and State Board of Education but, he is happy that the whole state will get to see how things play out in court.

The lawsuit is over the school’s decision not to require students to wear face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when school starts in the fall.

Jed Davis is not anti-mask.

Jed Davis says the board and school staff have come up with a suitable safety plan for students.

Jed Davis thinks the plan can keep students separated in classrooms and hallways, so there is no need to mandate mask use.

Jed Davis does not think Parkview is politicizing the issue of masks simply by not requiring students and staff to wear them.

Jed Davis says the school is trying to serve its families and students.

Other Schools named in the lawsuit are the Families of Faith Christian Academy in Channahon and the Hudsonville School District near the Indiana border.

The lawsuit filed on Thursday in Sangamon County asks the court to force schools to follow guidelines set by the Illinois Department of Public Health and State Board of education.

Schools were shut down in March 2020 to help stem the spread of COVID-19.

Since then, many have adopted e-learning.

Schools are are set to reopen this fall, but many are opting for plans with fewer hours and are mixing electronic and in-person instruction.

Parkview Christian Academy will open for complete in-person instruction.

Governor JB Pritzker, Illinois State Board of Education Supt. Carmen Ayala, and Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike are suing Parkveiw Christian Academy and 2 other schools over their refusal to enforce guidelines about face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The lawsuit was filed in Sangamon County Court on Thursday.

A lawyer for Parkview Christian Academy sent a letter to the governor saying that while preventing the spread of the virus is a noble cause – he does mot have the authority to force schools to make their students wear face coverings.

The lawsuit filed by the governor’s office on Thursday, which was posted on Capitol Fax, is asking a judge to enforce safety guidelines given to schools ahead of reopening in just a month or a so.

Parkview Christian Academy Board President responds to governor’s lawsuit

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