KIDNAPPED + FORCED CONVERSION: Egypt Christian – Rania Abd el-Messiah [#Kidnapped #ForcedConversion #EgyptPersecution #ChrisianPersecution] 05/26

KIDNAPPED + FORCED CONVERSION: Egypt Christian – Rania Abd el-Messiah [#Kidnapped #ForcedConversion #EgyptPersecution #ChrisianPersecution] 05/26

Local Egyptian news are circulating with fresh rumors regarding the kidnapping and forced conversion of Rania Abd el-Messiah.

Police have detained 3 individuals accused of kidnapping Rania Abd el-Messiah: the school director, a cell phone seller, and one other person.

Rania Abd el-Messiah’s brother is denying reports that Rania has been returned home.

Rania Abd el-Messiah is a Christian schoolteacher who was kidnapped on April 23, 2020 by 2 veiled women in Monufia Governorate.

Just 3 days later, a video circulated announcing that Rania Abd el-Messiah had converted to Islam.

The video appears to have been made under duress.

Rania Abd el-Messiah is the mother of 3daughters and is known for living out her faith in a public way.

Christian women in Egypt are often kidnapped by extremists with the purpose of forced conversion to Islam and marriage.

In these cases, justice often remains elusive.

The families often feel as if the police do not seriously investigate these kidnappings and if the abductors are detained, they are still not held accountable before the law.

The police often credit it to a misunderstanding, or say that it was a situation created by her own free will.

The consequences of this situation often is with the families for a lifetime.

Christians Pray for Kidnapped Woman’s Return
International Christian Concern

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