“I thank God we didn’t get hit.” – Alexis Green [#IThankGod #ThankGod]

“I thank God we didn’t get hit.” – Alexis Green [#IThankGod #ThankGod]

Dec 5, 2019

Students ran for safety Wednesday, Dec 4, 2019 morning when shots are fired on the Jackson State University campus.

The campus was placed on lockdown while students and faculty looked for a safe place to wait.

Students and faculty began getting alerts from the university of an active shooter around 11 a.m.

Gunfire echoed across the campus and police began ushering people to safety.

The lockdown was lifted more than an hour after the alert was issued.

“The shooting happened right over there by Sweet Spot.”
– Alexis Green pointing down Dalton Street

The Jackson State University student was walking on campus near Dalton and Pascagoula Streets when Alexis Green heard 3 quick gunshots.

Those shots injured a man who was found lying on the ground and appeared to have been shot in the right leg.

He was not a student.

“I was coming from my car walking to the student center when it happened and gunshots, we just heard gunshot. Me and my niece were walking and just heard gunshots. I thank God we didn’t get hit.”
– Alexis Green

‘I thank God we didn’t get hit’: JSU students detail moments after active shooter alert:

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