GAY + DIVORCE: Christian author reveals he is gay and announces he and his wife are getting divorce [#MatthewPaulTurner #JessicaTurner] 07/19

GAY + DIVORCE: Christian author reveals he is gay and announces he and his wife are getting divorce [#MatthewPaulTurner #JessicaTurner] 07/19

Matthew Paul Turner took to social media to inform his readers and followers that he is splitting with wife Jessica, who is also a writer.

The Nashville-based couple, who married in 2004, have three children together.

Turner is a former editor of CCM, a twice monthly online magazine about contemporary Christian music, and is also known for penning a series of rhyming children’s books some of which have sold more than 100,000 copies each.

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How do you write the most vulnerable, hardest post you’ve written in 14 years of being online? My husband, my best friend has bravely shared his deepest truth this past year. He is gay. While this doesn’t change how much we love him, it does change our relationship. We are moving forward with ending our marriage, while remaining deeply committed to our family and each other. We have worked for more than a year on trying to make our marriage work, even in light of Matthew’s truth, but it wasn’t healthy or fair to us or our children. We feel confident that this is the next right step for each of us and our family. Our three incredible children have taken the news remarkably well. We are all adjusting to a new normal, with our home now extended under two rooftops. I am so grateful for the way we love each other and the deep belief that God is with us. We are both grieving the loss of what we had and taking hope in what is to come. It is really important to me that you know that nothing you have seen on my social media or blog has been a lie. I have always loved Matthew, and he me. I will always champion him and his writing. You will continue to see him on my social media. With that, we ask that you remain respectful toward each of us. Friends will be monitoring my social media in the days to come and will delete/block commenters bringing shame/criticism to of our family, our theology or Matthew specifically. Matthew is my best friend and the father of my children. I will not allow for the trauma to be inflicted on any of us. Moreover, be mindful that our children will someday read this post. Please don’t DM or email me right now. This announcement is hard enough and I cannot manage hundreds of messages. You may comment here if you wish, or simply like this post to show your compassion and support for our family during this time. Please go to @matthewpaulturner to read his statement.

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The couple had been married for 16 years having met online.

The couple have not stated when their divorce is to be finalized.

Turner has said he hoped to continue to write children’s books with the backing of his publisher.

Jessica is founder of popular blog The Mom Creative and writes about her family, motherhood alongside tips for DIY and how to save money.

Father-of-three Christian author who spent 30 years in the evangelical church comes out as gay and announces he is divorcing his wife of 16 years:
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