EXPELLED: Christian family expelled from village for refusing to deny Christian faith [#IndiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 08/04


EXPELLED: Christian family expelled from village for refusing to deny Christian faith [#IndiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 08/04

On March 24, 2020 a Christian family was expelled from their village for refusing to deny their Christian faith in the Bellary district of India’s Karnataka state.

After the expulsion, the Christian family was brutally attack by radical Hindu nationalists and were unable to return to the village for months.

“I walked for nearly 30 miles, as the villagers chased me.”
– Surya Nayak, the family’s breadwinner

Surya Nayak and his family converted to Christianity 5 years ago when the family experienced a miraculous healing.

Since then, they have attended a local congregation.

However, due to this conversion, the family has faced severe harassment and a social boycott from other Hindu villagers.

“Although it was challenging staying in different locations for the last four months, depending on others for food and shelter, it has taught me great spiritual lessons. My faith in God has grown.”
– Surya Nayak

Recently, Surya Nayak returned to his village and, once again, was confronted by local radicals.

Again, they called for him to renounce his Christian faith.

However, Surya Nayak decided to approach the police and register a complaint against the radicals.

“The police were helpful to me as they have worked a compromise between my family and the people who attacked me. However, when the police left the village, the religious fanatics stopped us from taking water from the village well and informed everyone in the village not to hire us for any work.”
– Surya Nayak

“I am clueless about what I should be doing to get things back to normal, as I have tried everything. I cannot leave Jesus. However, I also want to provide for my family. I need God’s grace.”
– Surya Nayak

Christian Family Expelled from Village in Southern India:
International Christian Concern

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