DEAD: Longtime preacher, educator and tireless promoter of Christian University [#StaffordNorth #OklahomaChristianUniversity] 07/26

DEAD: Longtime preacher, educator and tireless promoter of Christian University [#StaffordNorth #OklahomaChristianUniversity] 07/26

Stafford North, a longtime preacher, educator and tireless promoter of Oklahoma Christian University, died Saturday night.

Stafford North was 90.

Stafford North began working for then-Oklahoma Christian College in 1952 and played multiple roles for the school, which is associated with Churches of Christ.

Stafford North served as a Bible professor, administrator, recruiter and writer.

Stafford North earned a bachelor’s from Abilene Christian University in 1950, a master’s from Louisiana State University in 1952 and a doctorate from the University of Florida in 1957.

Stafford North was a longtime professor of Bible for Oklahoma Christian and for 38 years he served in the school’s administration.

Stafford North was executive vice president for 20 years.

In 2008, Stafford North completed “Soaring on Wings Like Eagles,” a 529-page history of the university.

Stafford North was elected to the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame in 1997.

For 7 decades, Stafford preached for Churches of Christ in states including Oklahoma, Kansas and Florida.

Stafford North began serving as an elder of the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma City in 1972.

Stafford North’s wife, Jo Anne, is a longtime Bible class teacher for children and women and a heartfelt participant in and advocate for prison ministry.

Stafford North was a tireless promoter of Oklahoma Christian and appeared in countless videos for the university, his sense of humor on full display.

Here Stafford North is with his friend and fellow professor Bailey McBride, editor emeritus of The Christian Chronicle, taking “selfies” around campus.

Oklahoma Christian mourns death of Stafford North:
Christian Chronicle

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