CHURCH PAYS OFF: Church to pay off nearly $2.5 million for families in medical debt [#ChurchPaysOff #MillionsForFamilies #MedicalDebt] 06/02

CHURCH PAYS OFF: Church to pay off nearly $2.5 million for families in medical debt [#ChurchPaysOff #MillionsForFamilies #MedicalDebt] 06/02

A church in southwestern Indiana will pay off nearly $2.5 million for families in a nearby community.

Odon Christian Church in Daviess County, Indiana is where lead minister Micah Stephen says something amazing has been accomplished.

Micah Stephen spoke all about how they are helping over 1,700 families in Greene County and paying off nearly $2.5 million in medical debt.

According to Micah Stephen, it all started in back in November 2019.

A friend of his spoke at their church and began a campaign to help others.

The church partnered with the RIP Medical Debt organization out of New York.

RIP Medical Debt is a nonprofit that buys and forgives medical debt across America.

For every dollar the church raised, RIP would match it with $100.

According to Micah Stephen, he was blown away by how well the campaign did.

Another church already did a similar campaign for the people of Daviess County, so the church chose to forgive medical debt for over 1,700 families in nearby Greene County.

According to Micah Stephen, this is an absolutely remarkable accomplishment.

“We weren’t really sure where it was going to go, but the whole message of the whole thing was that God can take a little of something and turn it into a lot. That’s exactly what happened. Before you knew it in 4 months we had raised enough money to pay off almost two and a half million dollars of medical debt which was incredible for a church located in the middle of Daviess County, Indiana.”
– Micah Stephen

According to Micah Stephen, each of the 1,700 families whose debt was paid off will receive a yellow envelope branded “RIP Medical Debt” It will include a note that says, “We love you and have not forgotten you”.

Odon Christian Church to provide life-changing medical debt relief to Greene County citizens:

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