CHRISTIANS BEATEN: Religious extremists attack Christian residents [#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/09

CHRISTIANS BEATEN: Religious extremists attack Christian residents [#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 07/09

On June 22, 2020, a group of 50 or more religious extremists attacked the Christian residents of Racecourse, a Christian-majority neighborhood in Karachi, Pakistan.

According to a video shared by Johnson Bhatti and Dilawar Bhatti on social media:

“A dispute between Christians and Muslims erupted when a Muslim man beat a Christian sanitation worker and his son for refusing to clean his street.”

The Muslim extremists verbally abused the local Christians by calling them ‘chooras’, a derogatory word used to denote Christians as untouchable.

However, after intervention by local religious and political leaders, both communities reached to a reconciliation.

While both parties signed an agreement to find a solution to the issues that cause the violence, Johnson Bhatti doubts the sincerity of the Muslims.

Johnson Bhatti:

“The Muslims will rebound as they chanted they will torch Christian houses, disgrace Christian women, vandalize churches and Christian properties. Therefore, our youths are vigilant to counter their attack.”

“Authorities should ensure protection for Christians. Also, pray for the threats against the community.”
– Johnson Bhatti

Communal Dispute Erupts in Pakistan After a Christian Sanitation Worker is Beaten
International Christian Concern

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