Christian in Nattandiya, in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka arrested after reporting threat by a Buddhist mob on his life

According to an advocacy group in the island country, police in Sri Lanka arrested a Christian who reported a threat by a Buddhist mob on his life.

According to the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL), in Nattandiya, in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, six area Buddhists on January 26, 2019 threatened to attack the Christian if he refused to stop inviting a pastor to lead Bible studies at his house.

The next day (January 27, 2019), the Christian filed a complaint about the threat on his life at the Marawila police station, in Puttalam District. This upset the six Buddhists, and with others they formed a mob on January 29, 2019 that headed toward his house with intent to assault him.

Before they could get near his house, a friend notified the Christian of their approach and tried to stop them, resulting in a fight in which one of the Buddhists was injured and received hospital treatment.

The Christian was not present at the fight, but the injured Buddhist filed an assault complaint against him.

Police arrested the Christian, who remained in custody.

Christian in Sri Lanka Arrested after Reporting Threat on His Life, Watchdog Group Reports:
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