CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is Kate Forbes? Head of World’s Largest Humanitarian Network (IFRC) Urges Gaza Ceasefire ‘So I Can Do My Job’ [#KateForbes #IFRC #GazaCeasefire #SoICanDoMyJob]

CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is Kate Forbes? Head of World’s Largest Humanitarian Network (IFRC) Urges Gaza Ceasefire ‘So I Can Do My Job’ [#KateForbes #IFRC #GazaCeasefire #SoICanDoMyJob]

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) urged for a cease-fire and unhindered humanitarian access to the Gaza Strip, where millions of people are suffering from famine.

The war-torn enclave is facing a humanitarian disaster nearly 7 months after Israel started a deadly onslaught in response to the Oct. 7 Hamas-led attacks that killed 1,200 people in Israel.

“We desperately need a political solution that will allow us to have a ceasefire to get aid in,” IFRC President Kate Forbes told Reuters in an interview in the Philippine capital, Manila.

“We’re ready to make a difference. We have to have access, and to have access there has to have a ceasefire,” said Forbes, who in December became the second woman to lead the world’s largest humanitarian network.

The IFRC president is a volunteer position which manages a network of 191 organizations operating during and after disasters and wars, including the Palestine Red Crescent Society, which maintains ambulance crews in Gaza.

Forbes stated that she witnessed the “atrocious” condition in Rafah during a visit in February, months before Israel launched a military attack on the southern Gaza city, which had been sheltering more than a million Palestinians fleeing assaults on other sections of the territory.

“There was no not enough housing. There was no water, there weren’t enough sanitation toilets. We had a hospital with no equipment… and unfortunately what I was afraid of has happened, and that there wasn’t going to be enough food.”

– Kate Forbes

Over the weekend, prospects for the restart of mediated Gaza ceasefire talks improved, even as Israel continued its offensive in Gaza to eliminate the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas after the top United Nations court ordered Israel to stop attacking Rafah on Friday.

Hamas has denied reports that discussions may restart early this week.

Both sides have blamed each other for the deadlock.

Israel has refused to accept Hamas’ demand to cease the fighting, while Palestinians want Palestinian prisoners released.

“I plead with the governments on all sides to negotiate a ceasefire so that we can get aid in.”

– Kate Forbes

“My job is to ensure that when it (ceasefire) happens, we can give the aid that’s necessary. And so they need to do their jobs so I can do my job.”

– Kate Forbes


Kate Forbes, Head of World’s Largest Humanitarian Network URGES GAZA CEASEFIRE ‘SO I CAN DO MY JOB’ | Christian Breaking News!

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