CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is Farhan Ul Qamar? Father of the 20-Year-Old Christian Killed Claims Religious Hatred Motivated Murder [#FarhanUlQamar]

CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Who is Farhan Ul Qamar? Father of the 20-Year-Old Christian Killed Claims Religious Hatred Motivated Murder [#FarhanUlQamar]

The Gaza conflict is claimed to have fueled the killer’s rage.

The father of a 20-year-old Christian killed in Pakistan earlier this month said the confessed assassin was motivated by a deep hate for Christians and Jews.

On November 9, Farhan Ul Qamar was fatally shot at his home in Talwandi Inayat Khan village, Pasrur tehsil of Sialkot District, Punjab Province, in the presence of other family members.

Noor Ul Qamar, the father of the killed Christian, claimed the assassin, Muhammad Zubair, demonstrated enmity for Christians and Jews, incorrectly referring to the family as Jews as he ranted at them.

Ul Qamar stated that he was puzzled why Zubair chose his son in particular, despite the fact that the killer and Farhan Ul Qamar had a brief fight the day before.

Zubair attacked the family at 3 AM Pakistan Time on Nov. 9, holding them hostage at gunpoint for about 40 minutes, refusing to allow them touch their critically injured kid, Ul Qamar claimed.

Ul Qamar said that Zubair eventually urged him to go to the roof and stay there till he was gone.

The bereaved father said that as soon as Zubair left, his blood-soaked son’s relatives gathered around him and screamed for assistance.

He said that his son died on the way to the hospital.

Zubair’s animosity for Christians was never secret, but his conduct deteriorated once the Israeli-Palestinian dispute erupted into bloodshed in Gaza last month, according to Ul Qamar.

Several Christian families evacuated the village after Muslims allegedly assaulted 2 Christian brothers, Aqib and Asher Javed, for allegedly supporting Israel.

He explained that the family had opted not to reveal these things earlier because they were afraid of retribution from local Muslims.

According to the deceased’s father, after killing Farhan Ul Qamar, Zubair returned home, where police discovered him sleeping comfortably in his bed.

The victim’s father stated that the investigators had not formally informed the family of their conclusions.

When asked to clarify rumors of threats and pressure on the suspect’s family in connection with the case, Ul Qamar said no one had explicitly threatened them yet, but local sources had cautioned him to be wary of the suspect’s relatives and collaborators.

Farhan Ul Qamar was the eldest of 4 siblings.

The family lacks the financial means to hire a qualified lawyer and has sought assistance from legal aid agencies and Christian organizations.

Ul Qamar’s family has lived in the village for decades, amid 20-25 other Christian households, often enduring religious bigotry and persecution.

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Who is Farhan Ul Qamar? Father of 20-Year-Old Christian Killed: Religious Hatred Motivated Murder | Christian Breaking News!

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