CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: [UPDATE] Starlet Wahu Mwangi Nairobi Popular Socialite 24-Year-Old Younger Sister of Pastor Victor Kanyari Found Brutally Murdered inside Nairobi Airbnb Apartment in Kenya – Pastor Muthee Kiengei Claims Starlet was Surrounded by Darkness, Leading to Her Death ?! [#StarletWahu #IceyWife #PastorVictorKanyari #PastorKanyari #VictoKanyari #MutheeKiengei #BenKiengei]

CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: [UPDATE] Starlet Wahu Mwangi Nairobi Popular Socialite 24-Year-Old Younger Sister of Pastor Victor Kanyari Found Brutally Murdered inside Nairobi Airbnb Apartment in Kenya – Pastor Muthee Kiengei Claims Starlet was Surrounded by Darkness, Leading to Her Death ?! [#StarletWahu #IceyWife #PastorVictorKanyari #PastorKanyari #VictoKanyari #MutheeKiengei #BenKiengei]

Pastor Muthee Kiengei (Pastor Ben Kiengei), the founder of Jesus Compassion Ministries church, a prominent pastor claims that someone brought darkness into the life of lovely Starlet Wahu’s life, which led to her death.

Kiengei was preaching at a church service when he mentioned that all the Lord saw was wonderful but some individuals bring darkness into the lives of unsuspecting people in order to ruin them.

He later prayed for his congregation to avoid meeting persons who may bring gloom into their lives and businesses.

Pastor Victor Kanyari stated that dead socialite Starlet Wahu was his younger sister, adding that her loss was a great shock to their family.

The pastor voiced concern with how news sources and individuals on social media handled the tragic event.

He stated his sister was unmarried and there was nothing wrong with her seeking for a boyfriend, adding that, having not been born again, it was not surprising she drank alcohol.

Pastor Victor Kanyari, the leader of Salvation Healing Ministry, has condemned those who blame his deceased sister, Starlet Wahu’s, lifestyle for her horrific death.

In an open interaction with his congregation, Kanyari stated that his sister’s death was a devastating blow to his family, particularly their mother, Prophetess Lucy Nduta, and urged Kenyans on social media to avoid unfairly criticizing the deceased.

“My sister was single, and there was nothing wrong with her looking for a man like any other person would look for love. She met with him on social media, and they fell in love. We see that there were HIV test kits in the room, which means she did not trust the man.”
– Pastor Victor Kanyari

The controversial pastor who confessed to assaulting a guy who damaged his expensive TV set has advised the family to bury Wahu as soon as possible to avoid further “shameful” and hurtful public comments.

He complained that his name was featured in every news about his murdered sister.


Netizens have resorted to social media to voice their dissatisfaction with the hasty burial of socialite Starlet Wahu, who was brutally slain on Jan. 4.

Wahu was put to rest on Saturday, Jan. 6, just 3 days after the heinous tragedy, disregarding the Kikuyu community’s normal week-long grieving process.

This break from convention has sparked internet curiosity and controversy, especially considering the contentious circumstances surrounding Wahu’s premature death.

Coming from a religious family, where her mother, Prophetess Lucy Nduta, and brother, Pastor Victor Kanyari, are well-known Kenyans, the hurried burial has many doubting the intentions behind the hurried service.

Fans have expressed alarm over the family’s apparent wish to evade public scrutiny, given the socialite’s lavish lifestyle and the unexplained circumstances surrounding her death.

In response to the mounting queries, Pastor Kanyari explained the family’s choice to conduct a quick burial in a phone interview with Nairobi News.

“As a family, we decided that it was the best way to mourn our loved one. Again, why the need to keep her yet she is gone forever? No need. We did not want outsiders during her burial. It was very private to the family.”
– Pastor Kanyari expressed his hope that justice will be served for his sister

While some families observe long periods of grief and elaborate ceremonies, others, such as Starlet Wahu’s, may take a different approach.

Respecting each decision is essential for promoting cultural sensitivity and empathy during difficult circumstances.

Meanwhile, while investigators continue their investigation, the motivation for this heinous act remains unknown.

According to Makadara police chief Judith Nyongesa, the girl had bled to death.


According to preliminary investigations, the property was an Airbnb room rented out by Wahu and a suspect in jail, John Matara.

CCTV footage of Wahu’s last minutes at the residence shows the two arriving on January 3, 2024.



Following the unfortunate loss of his sister, Starlet Wahu Mwangi, commonly known as Icey Wife, Pastor Victor Kanyari has broken his silence.

He expressed great regret over her death in an emotive message to Nairobi News, noting her accomplishments and the family’s disbelief at the developing tragedy.

“I am heartbroken; she was doing so well in life. We last met on Christmas, and on December 31, we spent time together at home. We had not seen the man before. We learned about him after her death. This is so tragic for us, the family, and even her friends. May her soul rest in peace.”
– Pastor Victor Kanyari

Wahu’s life was cut short, and she will be put to rest tonight, Jan. 6, in her parents’ Kamulu home.

John Matara, a suspect in her murder, has been detained by the Industrial Area Police Station.

Starlet, a well-known personality in the beauty industry known for her fancy clothing and shoes, revealed glimpses of her exciting life on social media.

Her posts praised her personal accomplishments, fashion taste, and love for life.

Her most recent video, posted on Dec. 27, featured her in a bodycon dress, expressing her passion for life.

Her online presence was filled with themes of self-improvement and thankfulness for life’s blessings.

The sad episode began when police responded to a distress call from the building’s management, who reported a murder at Starlet’s apartment.

When the cops entered, they discovered her motionless corpse in a pool of blood, displaying evidence of a quick death.

Starlet and a male companion had rented the flat for a night out, according to investigations.

Several things were collected from the site, including an HIV testing kit, used condoms, clothes, a mobile phone, alcohol, and a knife thought to be the murder weapon.

The culprit, who had been stabbed, was tracked down to a nearby hospital in Nairobi, where he was quickly caught.

As the inquiry continues, questions about the motivation behind this sad act remain unanswered.

As they seek justice for Starlet Wahu, the community mourns the death of a thriving entrepreneur.

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[UPDATE] Starlet Wahu: Muthee Kiengei: Starlet was Surrounded by Darkness Leading to Her Death… ?! | Christian Breaking News!

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