CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis Sees ‘Hypocrisy’ in People who Criticize LGBTQ+ Blessings [#PopeFrancis #VaticanCity #Vatican_City #CatholicChurch]

CHRISTIAN BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis Sees ‘Hypocrisy’ in People who Criticize LGBTQ+ Blessings [#PopeFrancis #VaticanCity #Vatican_City #CatholicChurch]

Pope Francis said he saw “hypocrisy” in criticism of his decision to allow priests to bless same-sex couples, in what may be his strongest justification of the policy.

LGBTQ+ blessings were authorized last month by a Vatican document known as Fiducia Supplicans (Supplicating Trust), but they have faced with strong opposition in the Catholic Church, notably from African bishops.

“Nobody gets scandalized if I give my blessings to a businessman who perhaps exploits people, and this is a very grave sin. But they get scandalized if I give them to a homosexual.”

– Francis told Credere, an Italian Catholic magazine

“This is hypocrisy,” he explained.

Credere released excerpts of the interview on Wednesday, a day before publication.

Francis, who famously responded “Who am I to judge?” when questioned about homosexuality at the start of his pontificate, has made it one of his objectives to make the Catholic Church more accepting and less judgmental.

Conservatives believe this might undermine the Church’s moral teachings.

Francis has defended Fiducia Supplicans on multiple occasions, but has recognized criticism, stating that priests should consider local sensitivities when bestowing blessings.

He further clarified that such blessings do not constitute formal Church approval for same-sex unions.

“When a couple comes forward spontaneously to ask for them, one does not bless the union, but simply the people who together have requested it. Not the union, but the persons.”

– Francis stated on Jan. 26.

The Catholic Church maintains that homosexual sex is sinful and disordered, and that persons who have same-sex attractions, which is not deemed sinful, should strive for chastity.


Pope Francis Sees ‘Hypocrisy’ in People who Criticize LGBTQ+ Blessings [#PopeFrancis #VaticanCity] | Christian Breaking News!

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