According to a survey, large numbers of people in Christian-majority countries in the West see a fundamental clash between Islam and the values of their nation.

However, significantly fewer people in the Middle East and North Africa view Christianity in the same way.

Many people in mostly Christian countries believe values clash with Islam – poll
The Guardian

Religious tensions are growing around the world, and many believers are feeling the fall-out. More and more governments and small groups are voicing threats against followers of Christ.

According to Ed Weaver, President of Spoken Worldwide, their Christian workers have found it difficult to know whom to trust. Places that traditionally had been indifferent or even welcoming to Christians are beginning to turn against Christ.

India is not the only places where Christians are unwelcome.

As per Weaver, re-education camps are popping up in China, turning the tide against Christians there once again.

The Middle East and North Africa continue to be difficult places for Christians as well, with outright aggression from both governments and religious groups.

Christian workers face persecution in new places:
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