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BIG BREAKING NEWS – WOMEN PASTORS? – Christian Missionary Movement to Talk about Allowing Women to be called Pastors [#ChristianAndMissionaryAlliance] 05/05

BIG BREAKING NEWS – WOMEN PASTORS? – Christian Missionary Movement to Talk about Allowing Women to be called Pastors [#ChristianAndMissionaryAlliance] 05/05

Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) consecrates and licenses women for ministry but does not permit them to use the title “pastor.”

The term is restricted to men who can be elders, even though not all pastors are elders in CMA churches and not all elders are ordained pastors.

Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) is considering changing the title restrictions at the denomination’s annual General Council meeting, scheduled for both Nashville and online at the end of May 202.

Though no decision will be made this year, Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) will talk about allowing women to be called pastors in the future.

The proposed policy change would still restrict eldership in Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) churches to men.

Senior pastors, who are always elders, would also be men.

The elders in individual congregations are responsible for deciding who serves in the church, and could decide to prevent women from preaching, presiding over Lord’s Table, or leading the church in other ways.

However, official Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) policy would allow women to hold “key places of leadership in the Alliance at the local church, district, and national levels” and call themselves pastors at the same time.

Christian and Missionary Alliance Considers Calling Women Pastors
Denomination survey finds 61% want to change titles, allow for ordination

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